Should I Use Dramamine For Dogs?

Whether a long-time dog owner or a new one, you must know that your furry friend, like every living thing, can experience health issues. At times, some of these illnesses and diseases are much like those of humans.

From hypertension to headaches to vomiting, disorientation, and nausea caused due to car sickness, canines are as susceptible to health problems as people are. However, the good news is that you can also give your dog some medication and fix these issues.

But how can you do that exactly? Do all human medications work for dogs as they do for us? It is where Dramamine for dogs comes in.

Can I Give My Medication To My Dog?

Some medications are relatively harmless when given to canines, such as ibuprofen. However, even these can sometimes cause serious health issues, depending on the severity of your dog’s illnesses. However, Dramamine for dogs is one medication proven to work effectively.

What Is Dramamine?

Dramamine is a medication used to treat motion sickness symptoms. It works by causing disruptions in the vestibular system in your puppy’s middle ear. This system is also responsible for your sense of balance, which can sometimes be thrown out of whack when you travel in a vehicle.

This disease has various symptoms, such as vomiting, dizziness, and nausea. But if your pup is experiencing severe car sickness, it may also lose its balance and fall over.

So, before you plan a road trip with your furry friend, you may want to talk to your vet in advance and ask whether Dramamine for dogs is suitable for it or not.

What Leads To Motion Sickness In Canines?

So, now you know that travel and car rides can cause motion sickness in your dog. What is triggering such a condition in your pup?

Imbalance Of The Vestibular System

If you did not know already, your furry friend’s motion sickness is closely tied to its vestibular system. It includes the middle ear and controls the transmission of sensory information sent to your brain.

However, an imbalance in this system can trigger motion sickness caused by something as simple as a turn in the road.

Sudden Shifts In Balance

A sudden change in motion or balance could also lead to motion sickness. It usually occurs more commonly in younger dogs and puppies because they have underdeveloped vestibular systems, making them more vulnerable to motion sickness.

Signs Of Motion Sickness In Dogs

Once you are familiar with the reason behind your dog experiencing motion sickness, you can figure out when they start to feel this way. Your furry friend cannot tell you this itself, which is why you need to keep an eye out for common symptoms.

  1. Excessive drooling,
  2. Excessive yawning,
  3. Vomiting,
  4. Whining,
  5. Diarrhea,
  6. Immobility.

Dramamine Administration And Dosage

After your vet has determined that what your pup is experiencing is, in fact, motion sickness, they may prescribe Dramamine. However, you can also buy this medication over the counter at many grocery and drug stores.

This pill generally comes in tablet or pill form, which you can give to your pup with or without food. Dramamine for dogs is known for taking around 30 to 45 minutes to settle in, so it is better to give your dog the pill well before traveling.

But remember that you do not administer more than one dose of the medication in eight hours. Where the dosing structure is concerned, it is typically based on 2 to 4 mg per pound. So, make sure that the vet accurately weighs your pup. You do not want to over-medicate your pup or give it an ineffective dose.

Lastly, if your furry pal refuses to take its medication in its food bowl, you can hide it in a treat it generally enjoys. Remember, most dogs will happily consume anything wrapped in a slice of cheese.

Side Effects Of Administering Dramamine For Dogs

When you administer a new medicine to your dog for the first time, monitor it for any potential side effects. It also applies to Dramamine for dogs. Here are a bunch of side effects that this specific medication could cause.

  1. Diarrhea,
  2. Vomiting,
  3. Trouble urinating,
  4. Lethargy.

While some of these side effects are also symptoms of motion sickness, the good news is that you may not have to deal with them at all. It is because side effects are rarely caused due to Dramamine, and most pups can easily take medication without experiencing even one of these symptoms.

Is Dramamine Right For Your Furry Friend?

If your pup has shown you that it struggles with travel or motion sickness, then Dramamine for dogs may be a valid option for you to explore. You need to tackle this issue at the earliest. Otherwise, your furry friend may refuse to get into the car in the first place.

Things may become difficult for you as time passes. Therefore, taking your canine to the vet would be an excellent idea when you notice signs of motion sickness. Once it gets Dramamine, you may see your four-legged pal sticking its head out the window and enjoying the wind in its fur!

Anyway, it is not always that simple. Sometimes, pups also experience a couple of side effects. But since these are quite rare, you may have the perfect solution to your puppy’s motion sickness. Make sure you do not use this product without your vet’s approval.

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