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26 Dumbest Dog Breeds & Why We’re Wrong About Them

Dogs are loved by many people, but intelligence is also a major concern.

Dogs are used for many jobs, including herding livestock, rescuing victims of disasters, and treating blindness and PTSD. You want a dog that is capable of doing the job well.

However, this gives us a very strict definition of intelligence which can leave some dogs in the cold. Dog breeds are often portrayed as being “dumb” when in reality they are just willful, laid back, or slow to trust.

In Dr. Stanley Coren’s 1994 book The Intelligence of Dogs, there are 3types of dog intelligence. Instinctive intelligence measures how well a dog can perform the tasks for which it was bred. Adaptive intelligence is a measure of a dog’s ability to solve problems by itself and think critically. Obedience intelligence is a measure of a dog’s ability to learn and follow instructions.

Dogs are often ranked by humans according to their obedience intelligence. It is simple to measure, but it doesn’t give dogs much agency. It also favors certain breeds over others.

To help pups get back in control, we will go through the 25 dumbest breeds of dogs and explain why they are perceived as so stupid.

Dumbest dog breeds – all dogs are bred for different skills

Nicholas Dodman (BVMS, Dipl.) says that how smart you appear to be will depend on the test. “ACVB, former section chief and program director of the Animal Behaviour Clinic of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine of Tufts University. He said, “How smart you seem to depend upon the test.

Purebred can have different abilities depending upon their breeding. Due to the nature of their work, they are able to make independent decisions and follow instructions.

Why are hound dogs considered to be among the dumbest dog breeds?

Why is Dr. Dodman explains that scenthounds have a purpose? Mixed breeds are simply a mixture of purebreds. They can be slow, uninterested in tricks, and not pay attention to what you say. It doesn’t mean that they’re not smart. Sometimes being independent is more intelligent than being under the thumb.

Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds can smell scents.

It is not easy to identify the dumbest dog breeds.

Dr. Dr. “Some people are better at English than others at math. “Some things are harder than others.

Dr. Dodman stated, “It appears like multiple intelligences.” Do you think they are smarter than Jasper? You will need to average 10 behaviors and give each dog an average score. This would apply to all dogs, I imagine.

Brian Hare, Ph.D., is an associate professor at Duke University in evolutionary biology. Hare also co-founded the Duke Canine Cognition Center. Hare studies dog psychology. “We give puzzles and the dogs’ choices show how their minds work. ”

Dr. Hare believes that the intelligence and dumbness of dog breeds are not binary. It’s like intelligence is a cup full of more than it holds. ”

There may be some errors in the research on the dumbest dogs.

Some research into which breeds have the most intelligent or dumbest dogs has not been completely accurate.

Dr. Hare said that the scientific research on breeds isn’t really being done. Hare stated that “the scientific work on breeds is not really holding up.” It would take decades of effort, millions of dollars, and about a thousand graduate students to do it.

Dr. Hare found that there was as much variation among breeds as between them.

Humans tend to label certain breeds of dogs as the dumbest because they don’t understand their specific skills.

Gina DiNardo serves as the American Kennel Club’s executive secretary. Gina DiNardo is the American Kennel Club’s executive secretary. Each dog is different. If you need help, there are many options.

What’s it about certain breeds that make them the dumbest in Dr. Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs? Let’s take a closer look at each of these dog breeds.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

According to The Intelligence of Dogs (TID), the Afghan Hound is the dumbest breed of dog. However, Afghan lovers will disagree. Afghans are sighthounds. This means that they were bred to hunt with their exceptional speed and vision. Afghans are aloof like many sighthounds. This means that they can be reserved and withdrawn with strangers.

They are also stubborn and independent. These traits make it difficult for Afghans to be trained, but they aren’t dumb. Afghans are independent thinkers who prefer to do things their way. While you might need to be creative to train an Afghan, their elegance, regal air, and devotion to their human companions make them special.

Afghan Hounds are known for their long, luxurious coats and similar behavior to cats.

Why they are “dumb”: Afghans are vulnerable to being accused of being stupid due to their beauty and resistance to traditional training methods.

Why they aren’t: Afghans are proud and won’t do things unless their masters tell them. However, once they trust you, they will be extremely affectionate.



Basenjis are also on the list of dumbest dog breeds.

Another sighthound, the Basenji, is a breed that ranks high on the list for independence and stubbornness. Many Basenjis can be described as having feline characteristics. Although the breed is known for being difficult to train, it can also be very intelligent. Basenjis are playful, intelligent, and curious.

They are intelligent enough to get in trouble, just like curious toddlers. Sometimes raising a Basenji is like trying to control a wild animal. Basenjis are very watchful and cautious and can be difficult to get along with. Basenjis can be stubborn and not always obey their owners, but they are able to be trained. Positive methods are the best.

The African Basenji is nearly silent and produces a hyena-like, “laugh”, instead of barking.

Basenjis can be described as “dumb” because they are not responsive to learning tricks and prefer their own way.

They are not barking: Although they don’t bark they can communicate complex emotions with their body language and chortles.



Dog sleeping with his tongue out. dumbest dog breeds Bulldogs are well-known for their stubbornness.

Bulldogs are another breed that is known for their stubbornness. Bulldogs are known for being stubborn and difficult to train. One need only look at the surfing or skateboarding Bulldogs to know that they can learn. Although Bulldogs can be described as lazy, some enjoy more active activities than just lying down.



Borzois can be stubborn and are sighthounds.

Another sighthound, the Borzoi can also be considered independent and free-thinking. Because they are stubborn and can be dumb, this breed is often ranked among the most difficult to train. Borzois prefer short, frequent training sessions over long classes. They are calm and well-mannered in the home, with special friends.

Borzois are known for their beautiful coats and their unfailing devotion to hygiene.

Why they are “dumb”: Borzoise have a reputation for being divas who care more about cleaning their homes than paying attention.

Why they aren’t: A Borzoi doesn’t rush to please you. They’re smart and surprisingly trainable if they trust their master. Training sessions are kept short.




Another dumbest breed of dog is the bloodhound.

You might have seen the aurora borealis, a display of brightly colored northern lights that transform the night sky into a spectacular sight. Now you can understand why a Bloodhound scenthound is able to “see” the world through his sensitive nose. Because they are distracted by the wonderful scents around them, Bloodhounds are one of the most difficult dog breeds to train.

They are energetic, stubborn, independent, and relentless on scent trails. The unique abilities of the Bloodhound can make them difficult to live with. However, you can enter a Bloodhound into a tracking event and see his extraordinary talents.

Bloodhounds aren’t as feared and respected as their name implies. They look more like sad, droopy sacks than powerful hunters.

Why they aren’t: Bloodhounds are very good at picking up scents and following them down, just like Basset Hounds.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are like Bloodhounds and Beagles in that they can be guided by their senses of smell.

Basset Hounds, like the Pekingese, can be lazy. Basset Hounds can be lazy due to their low and long bodies, or their laid-back personality. Bassets are stubborn and can have difficulty ignoring all the wonderful scents around them. Bassets are highly food-motivated and want to please their owners. They respond well to training. Basset’s laid-back personality is not a sign of their intelligence. They are affectionate and bright dogs.

It is unfair to call any breed of dog dumb. Some dogs may be brighter than others but all dogs can do something. You just need to find it.

Dr. Dodman states that “some dogs do certain things better than others and they have different behavior.” Because they are easy to train, police dogs and army dogs often choose the German Shepherd Dog or Malinois type. Is that a sign they are smart? Is it possible that they aren’t as smart as they think because they follow the instructions of others and don’t think for themselves? It’s possible to argue both sides.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are playful clowns with large pointed ears and noses. They are “dumb” because they prefer to play and frolic than pay attention. Why they aren’t: A Bull Terrier doesn’t think like a child three years old. It just knows that it’d rather have fun than boring work.


Bulldog breed


This cuddly bulldog with its distinctive rumpled nose has been accused of being foolish in both English and French versions.

Why they are “dumb”: Bulldogs don’t have a lot of energy and prefer to crash on the couch rather than chase balls or solve problems.

Why they aren’t: Both English and French bulldogs can be trained easily, despite their reputation for being living furniture.



Bullmastiffs, a large breed, are slow and thoughtful.

Why they are “dumb”: Bullmastiffs can take a while to obey commands. But, like the Afghan Hounds, the charge owes much to stereotyping because of their looks.

Why they aren’t: Bullmastiffs understand exactly what they’re doing, but they would rather work on their own time.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These royal pups share the Spaniel family’s floppy ears, alert expressions, and floppy ears.

Why they are “dumb”: The Hapsburgs of canine history have been plagued with rumors about inbreeding and have sometimes developed atrocious memories.

Why they aren’t: The Cavalier is a toy breed and knows that affection is more important than intelligence. It excels at making owners feel loved.



These little warriors don’t need an introduction. You either love or hate them. Why they are “dumb”: The reputation of the Chihuahua for fighting larger dogs is not undeserved.

Why they aren’t: Chihuahuas love to lead the pack so it is difficult to manage them.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Chow Chows are also difficult to train.

Chow Chows may look like cute teddy bears, but they aren’t always that cuddly. Chows were originally bred as guard dogs. They are independent, serious, and reserved. Chows are stubborn and strong-willed, making them more difficult to train. Chows are intelligent, but they have their own minds.

Chows can challenge their human leaders if they are not properly trained. This could lead to problems. Chows need to be socialized and trained well from a young age. Chows can be loyal, faithful, and noble companions if they are raised correctly.

This breed’s Chinese name means “puffy-lion dog” in Chinese.

Why they are “dumb”: After picking their favorite person, a Chow Chow can become possessive and hostile towards strangers.

Why they aren’t: Chow Chows can be stubborn but not stupid and will respond to intense socialization training like puppies.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

These fluffy, enormous sheepdogs can hug a person around the neck while still standing on their hind legs.

Why they aren’t dumb: The Great Pyrenees, a mountain dog that is dangerous and independent of its shepherd and can save its flock from any kind of danger, is not one.

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

These sleek, short-furred Greyhounds are one of many similar Greyhound types. They were originally bred to race champions.

Why they are “dumb”: Italian Greyhounds are nervous by nature and don’t respond well aggressively to “alpha” training methods. This leads many to dismiss them.

Why they aren’t: Italian Greyhounds have high intelligence and excellent attention skills.

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier is a walking stuffed animal. They love to get into mischief even though they may not always understand why you aren’t laughing.

Why they are “dumb”: They are the class clowns at any obedience school. They are more interested in having fun than following instructions.

Why they aren’t: Dogs can get into trouble, but Lakeland Terriers need to be taught how to have a sense of humor.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso

An old Buddhist legend states that Lhasa Apsos is the reincarnation of monks who failed to attain Nirvana.

Why they are “dumb”: Lhasas once accompanied the emperors in China. They’ll never forget that, with an entitled streak as wide as the moon.

Why they aren’t: Just because it won’t follow your orders, doesn’t mean it doesn’t know them.



Although they may not be as enthusiastic as Chihuahuas they still love to play and are very affectionate.

Why they are “dumb”: Malteses can’t always respond positively to food rewards and owners don’t know how to get them to listen.

Why they aren’t: Malteses crave praise and attention. It is easier to train them when you give them these rewards.

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog, the shaggy dog that inspired these stories, is a smart breed with a permanent vacant expression.

Why they are “dumb”: The Old English, like other Sheepdogs and the Great Pyrenees, prefer to think for themselves than follow rote instructions.

Why they aren’t: Old English Sheepdogs are so strong in their instinct that they will often herd human children. It is only a matter of patience to get them to cooperate with you.



Pekingese can be viewed as a slow breed due to their tendency to be sloth-like. They love to lounge around and look over their property at home. Their physical build may be partly to blame or partly due to their history as sacred pets for the Tang Dynasty of 8th-century China. Pekingese were known as “sleeve dogs” since Imperial household members carried their beloved companions in their large sleeves. The Peke is a happy dog, and it’s easy to see why. Pekingese can be stubborn and hard to housebreak. While this doesn’t make them stupid, it can make training more difficult. Be consistent and start training early.

Beagles are like Bloodhounds in that they follow their noses. This can lead to them getting into trouble and landing them on the dumbest dog breeds list. The Beagle’s affectionate and sweet nature combined with his happy-go-lucky outlook may make you think that he isn’t smart. Beagles should be kept on a leash. They are unable to resist the urge to explore and smell the world, as well as chase small animals. Mastiff

The Mastiff, a large and laid-back dog, is very chilled. You might even think he is a bit dense. They can be stubborn and may prove more difficult to train than other breeds. Activity level and ease in training are not necessarily indicators of intelligence. Mastiffs can be quite intelligent. Because of their size and natural wariness towards strangers, Mastiffs are very intelligent and can be trained and socialized early on in their puppyhood to help them become well-behaved and knowledgeable companions.

This breed of imperial lapdogs has been enjoying their cuteness since Tang Dynasty. It’s not surprising that they have a reputation as divas.

Pekingese are “dumb” because they don’t have any training. They will be defiant and dominant and snipe at other animals and people.

Why they aren’t: Early training can make your Peke a loyal, cuddly family pet.



The Pug is a favorite of dog lovers all over the world. Its large eyes and long, smushed nose have made it a favorite breed.

Why they are “dumb”: Pugs make great companion dogs. They prefer gentle praise over intense punishment/reward systems.

Why they aren’t: Pugs love making you happy. However, you should allow them to do so in their own way. If a Pug acts like a German Shepherd, then it is not the Pug’s fault.



These watchdogs with striking colors are often referred to as the canine equivalent to dumb muscle.

Why they are “dumb”: Rottweilers don’t have the right skills to be obedient school students. They also have poor memory and attention spans.

Why they aren’t: Rottweilers have a lack of recall but they make up for it with loyalty and unwavering watchfulness.

Saint Bernard


Saint Bernards are most well-known for their alpine rescue missions, but they are beloved family pets.

Saint Bernards are “dumb”. They can learn commands quickly but have trouble recalling them. Saint Bernards also share a preference to think independently with other mountain dogs.

Why they aren’t: These “nanny dogs”, or “nanny dogs”, have both instinctual and adaptive intelligence. They can also think quickly to ensure their children are safe.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier

Scotties were originally bred to be mousers. A 17th-century laird was so impressed by their persistence, that he gave them the nickname “diehards.”

Why they are “dumb”: This persistent “diehard” nickname is unfortunately also applicable to training. These proud Highlanders will only follow orders when they choose to.

They aren’t: Scottish Terriers are known for having one of the most human-like personalities of any breed. It’s not surprising that they choose which orders to follow.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Another Chinese imperial breed rounds out the list, and they love being treated and having their long hair brushed.

Why they are “dumb”: Shih Tzus have never been able to do much beyond looking pretty. This hasn’t made them particularly trainable.

Why they aren’t: Shih Tzus excel in their life purpose, which is to love and comfort their owners. However, they are also intelligent enough to get into trouble when necessary.

Final Words

The definition of dumbness in a dog breed is completely up to the individual. Some breeds do better following orders than others, while others do better at critical thinking. Other breeds excel at one task.

We’ve seen that a dog can be called dumb simply because of its appearance. Stereotyping is alive in both the animal and human worlds.

If you think a dog is stupid, it speaks more about you than about them. It’s better to find the best breed for you, and not just search out the most intelligent dogs according to human standards.

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