4 Good Toys For Dogs Who Like To Shred

Chewing, exploring, and playing are normal behaviors for puppies and some adult dogs. But destructiveness can sometimes cause serious and costly problems for dog parents and can be hazardous for the pups.

If your pup likes to shred things, it is a good idea to invest in some good toys for dogs who like to shred and delve deeper into the causes of this undesired behavior.

The best toys for dogs that like to shred or are heavy chewers should be durable but, at the same time, safe for your pup’s teeth and its health and well-being. A toy that is easy to destroy or too hard can cause injuries to the dog or even cause choking or a blockage of its digestive tract.

Read on for detailed information about the possible reasons for your pup’s love of shredding and our take on the most suitable toys for dogs who like to chew and shred.

Why Dogs Shred Toys?

Chewing and shredding toys and anything else is normal for young puppies, especially when seeking relief during teething, but if an adult dog continues destroying its toys or, even worse, ruining your furniture and belongings, this can become a big problem and raise a lot of concerns. This behavior, in extreme cases, can lead to substantial economic losses and frustration and be a safety hazard for your pup and you.

The most common reasons for uncontrollable shredding and destruction are boredom, anxiety, and excess physical and mental energy.

Some of the reasons why your furry companion may be shredding its toys and your property include separation anxiety, a phobia or fear from loud noises and thunder, boredom and social isolation, attention-seeking, excessive punishment, barrier frustrations and confinement, inconsistent feeding, others.

Other reasons can be the natural instincts of canines for predatory behavior, investigative behavior, or play behavior.

This shredding may also be caused by medical issues such as dental and gum problems, GI tract irritation, and excessive hunger or pica (eating non-edible things).

It is important to ask your veterinarian for advice if your pup’s chewing and destruction have become uncontrollable.

If your pup is simply demonstrating playful, investigative, or other natural behavior or teething, buying suitable dog toys can help keep it happy and content.

Anxiety Shredding

Shredding toys, excessive chewing, and destructive behavior are most commonly due to separation anxiety. Dogs which are very closely connected to their owners and the so-called “Velcro dogs” that follow their humans everywhere (even to the bathroom) are prone to this type of anxiety.

Leaving your anxious pup alone can lead to undesired behavior such as excessive barking, howling, soiling indoors, and chewing and destroying things.

Remember that your furry companion is not doing this out of spite or revenge, so do not attempt to punish it for such behavior, which can worsen things.

Instead, there are animal behaviorists who can help you resolve the issue using specialized desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques.

If your furry companion is not extremely anxious, a good chewable and durable toy can help keep it calm and entertained while you are gone.

Boredom Shredding

Your dog may need more social interaction with you, your family, or other dogs. It can start chewing and shredding your property if left alone, without buddies or toys.

So, ensure that your pet has sufficient interaction and physical and mental stimulation. One way to prevent boredom is via a suitable dog toy.

Destructive Shredding

As mentioned above, shredding and chewing can lead to serious and expensive, and even dangerous damage and results.

This is why it is essential to find the reason for your pup’s behavior and ask your vet or an animal behaviorist for advice.

As a first step, you can begin by providing your best friend with suitable toys for dogs who like to shred and with more attention, interaction, and mental and physical stimulation.

Enrichment Shredding

This type of shredding is caused by the dog’s natural instincts to explore, investigate, play or predate.

Once again, buying your furry friend some good toys for dogs who like to shred can help provide a safer and cheaper outlet for these instinctual activities.

Types Of Toys For Dogs That Like To Shred

You probably know that an overwhelming range of dog toys are being sold and are available in pet stores and online.

When it comes to toys for dogs that enjoy shredding and chewing, there are several leading and most common types to choose from.

Bone Toys

These toys are particularly desirable because many of them have added taste of real bacon or other favorite dog food.

They usually are made to resemble bones and are easy for the pups to grab and chew on.

Some of these heavy-duty bone toys are perfect for pups who like to shred and will keep them happy and content for a very long time.

Rubber Chew Toys

These are made from high-tech rubber, which is usually used for spaceships and aircraft part construction. Thus they are very durable.

Many of them are round-shaped and consist of several layers, which makes them more durable and enjoyable for dogs.

They are reasonably priced, safe, and will endure a lot of chewing and shredding.

Dog Puzzle Teething Toys

These specially designed, non-toxic, and durable toys are perfect for keeping your dog entertained and its brain and body stimulated for a long time. Plus, they will help maintain its teeth and gums clean and healthy.

They are made of durable and safe rubber and are designed in a way to stuff kibble or dog treats in between the rubber teeth.

Dog Puzzle Teething toys will keep a smart dog happy, exercised, and with healthy teeth.

Chase And Fetch Toys

These toys will help keep your pet mentally and physically stimulated and entertained. This can help prevent chewing and shredding or destructive behavior due to boredom, crate training, separation anxiety, or lack of social interaction.

They can be filled with your pup’s favorite treats, dry dog food, or other enticing snacks to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Plus, you can play fetch with your furry companion with a toy like this – both indoors and outside.

Squeaker Plush Toys

Durable plush toys with squeakers are perfect for cuddling, playing, and satisfying the predatory instincts of canines.

They will keep your pet happy and prevent boredom and undesired behavior like chewing and destruction.

The Best Toys For Dogs Who Chew

1. Most Versatile: KONG – Extreme Dog Toy

This is the toughest and most durable dog chew chase and fetching toy from the famous Kong series.

The so-called “Black Kong” is perfect for strong chewers and dogs who like to shred as well as for teething puppies.

It can be stuffed with peanut butter or other delicious treats.

The Kong toy is made of safe and very durable natural rubber. It has a shape that makes it bounce in different directions every time you throw it, so it is an excellent toy for playing fetch with your furbaby too.

This versatile toy is available in five sizes – from small to XXL, and is among the most durable and safest chew, puzzle, treat dispensing, and fetch toys on the market.

2. Best Treat Dispensing & Teething Toy: Bojafa Dog Toy Ball

These special puzzle and treat dispensing toys by Bojafa are an excellent choice for teething puppies and pups who like chewing and shredding or need more mental and physical stimulation.

They are multifunctional toys you can let your dog play alone with or enjoy a game of fetch with.

The balls are made of non-toxic and tough rubber, and their design allows dog parents to stuff their pet’s kibble or other dog treats inside the toothed cracks.

With a toy like this, your dog can stay entertained and happy for hours as it chews and attempts to retrieve all the delicious treats you have hidden inside it.

You can buy the ball in different sizes, so make sure you choose the one which is the most suitable and safest for your furbaby.

3. Most Durable Plush Toy: Fluff & Tuff – Walter Wabbit

If you want to give your four-legged companion a cute and cuddly plush toy that can withstand some serious chewing and shredding, this fluffy rabbit by Fluff & Tuff is a great choice.

The soft rabbit is 12 inches long and has a super soft plush double-stitched outer part and a resilient Tuffweb mesh liner underneath it. This will ensure that the cute Walter Wabbit will remain intact even after some excessive rough gnawing and chewing by your pup.

All materials used, including the fill, are made of safe and durable materials, so it is no surprise that it is among the top-rated dog toys on Amazon.

4. Best Indestructible: Goughnuts – Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

If you want to invest in an almost indestructible toy for your strong chewing furbaby, then this heavy-duty rubber stick toy by Goughnuts is the way to go.

It is molded from natural rubber and is designed with a safety indicator inner layer. This means that if or when your pup finally manages to destroy the tough outer layer, a red indicator will appear on the spot which has been compromised.

If you notice such a red indicator, you can send the toy back to the store, and it will be replaced with a brand-new one for free!

Benefits Of Toys For Dogs That Like To Shred

Apart from the obvious – keeping your pup entertained and your furniture and belongings safe, there are other benefits of good quality and suitable chew and other toys ideal for this type of behavior.

Promote Clean Teeth

A suitable bone or chew, or dental toy can help your dog keep its teeth and gums clean from plaque and buildup. This will help reduce the risk of more complicated and painful dental inflammations, periodontal issues, and bad breath.

Burn Extra Energy

By throwing your furbaby a chew toy or even by letting it play with the toy itself, you can help boost calorie burning and energy spending.

This is especially useful for hyperactive and highly energetic dogs or when you do not have the time or the weather doesn’t allow for long walks and outdoor activities.

What To Look For When Shopping For Tough Dog Toys

The first and most important thing to look for when searching for good toys for dogs that like to shred and chew is that they are safe and durable.

A very hard toy can crack or break your dog’s teeth and damage its gums and throat. A toy that can be broken into pieces can be a choking and obstruction hazard which can be deadly.

So, test the hardness of the toy by pressing its edge with your fingernail. If it leaves an indentation, then it is soft enough.

Some of the best materials for such toys include polymers or natural rubber.

Another rule of thumb is to choose a toy that is appropriately sized and is not too small, which can cause choking or be swallowed by your four-legged companion.


Hopefully, we have helped you choose the most suitable toy for your dog, who simply loves to chew and shred.

With high-quality, durable, safe, and enjoyable toys like these, your pup will feel happy, entertained, and healthy. And you will save money for buying new dog toys every week or replacing destroyed items from your home.

Plus, a good toy can help keep the teeth and gums of your dog clean and healthy and its breath fresh.

It will also reduce the risk of choking, blockage, or damage to your pup’s teeth, mouth, throat, and intestines.

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