How To Give A Puppy A Bath? Essential Tips For Your Pup’s First Bath

Young puppies are curious, adventurous, and full of mischief. They love splashing water and getting dirty in every mud pool outside the house. Seeing your pup having his share of fun is quite exciting. But cleaning your furry friend after hours of playing in is where the real struggle begins.

You must have seen in movies that families and pet owners are trying to give the little pups a refreshing bubbly bath. At the same time, the little fellow is successfully fleeing the bathtubs covered in white foam and soapy liquid. After all, not all puppies are fond of bathing! 

But how to give a puppy a bath? Different puppies demonstrate different reactions toward bathing. Just like human babies! While some pups will actively participate in the water-splashing activity, others will try to evade the scene as soon as possible.

Bathing is an essential part of puppy care as it keeps the pup clean and helps build a strong connection. You must know some important tips before placing your pup in warm water. 

Appropriate Time For A Puppy Bath

Puppies cannot regulate their body temperatures, so they quickly feel the chilliness followed by the bath. We know puppies can’t stay clean for very long. But bathing them at an early age increases their chance of getting sick. Young puppies have a higher risk of getting their lungs filled with water during their first bath. Thus, experts advise not to bathe your puppy until they are eight weeks old. However, if the weather in your region is freezing and frigid, avoid the bath for another couple of weeks.

But what if you have a naughty canine who adores playing in the sand? Before your pup is old enough for the bath, there are several things you can do to keep your little buddy clean and tidy. 

  • Clean your pup with a damp cloth to prevent the dirt from getting piled up. 
  • If the puppy is filthy, moisten the damp cloth with warm water. To remove all the dirt from the little fellow, gently rub the fabric on the hair of the pup.
  • To familiarize them with the bathing sensation, you can fill the bathtub with a small amount of water. And let them stand in the tub for a shorter while. Make sure the bathing time is fun and thrilling for the pup. 

How Many Times Should You Clean your Furry Friend? 

Once your puppy gets old enough for a bath, how frequently should you shower it? A more straightforward answer would be whenever your pup smells filthy. Usually, it is best to cleanse your canine once a month. 

The bathing frequency of the pup depends on a lot of factors, including:

  • What is the breed of your dog? 
  • What is the thickness of its coat? 
  • How actively your pup spends the day? 

Active and energetic dogs spend much time playing and wandering outdoors. They tend to get dirty quickly and may need a shower more frequently than lap dogs, who prefer to relax in their crates. If you have an energetic pet in the house, it’s best to bathe it once a week. 

Make sure you are using special pet shampoo and conditioner. You must ensure to dry your furry friend after the bath. Use shampoos and products that are specially formulated for the dog. It will keep the dog’s skin soft and protect it from bacteria and allergies.

Things You Need For A Good Bath 

To wipe out all the dirt and grime from your dog’s coat, you need all the right products and accessories. 

  1. Towels,
  2. Puppy shampoo formulated for pets,
  3. A nonskid rubber mat to place in the tub, 
  4. A coat conditioner if your dog has long hair, 
  5. Grooming tools such as puppy brush and comb,
  6. Hair dryer and towels for drying off your pup, 
  7. Excess to lukewarm water,
  8. Dog sprayer – A dog sprayer can be attached to the shower head. It will make rinsing easy and more manageable,
  9. A licking pad covered in peanut butter. It is beneficial for hyperactive pups. 

Moreover, place the bathtub in a place appropriate for your dog. If your pup is small, it will easily enjoy bathing in the kitchen sink.

However, if you have a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever, you need a big bathtub to keep them comfortable. You can also bathe your pup in a cubicle where you have access to water. Just make sure the floor is not slippery.

Note: The sound of running water often stresses a pup. To avoid making your dog anxious, fill the tub with lukewarm water before bringing the dog into the bathroom. Encouragement and positive reinforcement can help your puppy stay calm during the bath. 

How To Give A Puppy A Bath: Step-By-Step Guide For Puppy Parents 

Bathing a dog may seem like a daunting errand at first. But with our help, you and your pup will enjoy every moment of the bathing process.

Step 1: Gentle Brushing 

Before spraying water on the pup, you need to brush and gently comb its hair to remove all the dirt and grime. Carefully work through all the tangles and knots. Make sure your pup is enjoying the grooming experience. 

Step 2: Gather All The Supplies 

The next step is to keep all the bathing products and supplies close at hand. Having everything readily available will keep you and the dog calm during the shower. Dogs cannot handle scorching temperatures, so ensure the water is lukewarm. 

Step 3: Place The Puppy In The Tub 

Gently place the puppy in the tub. Place cotton balls in its ear and ensure the pup stands on the rubber mat. It will give the dog a firm foothold avoiding any accidents through slipping.

Step 4: Apply Shampoo

Next, soak your pup’s coat in a tub of warm water. Now, apply shampoo on their body, legs, and tail. Be careful the shampoo does not enter the eyes and ears of the pup.

Step 5: Massage Time 

Use the palm of your hands to massage the shampoo into the thick furs. Wear a pair of soft gloves and avoid using your nails. Be gentle while massaging the shampoo, and make sure your pup enjoys the experience. 

Step 6: Rinse Thoroughly

Rinsing is an essential part of the bath. Rinse the thick coat thoroughly to remove all the shampoo from the body. If your dog has loose skin, rub your fingers into the folds of the skin to ensure they are free from dirt and shampoo. 

Step 7: Dry The Coat

Wrap your pup in a towel and rub gently to remove all the excess water. Dogs shake their body after getting wet. So, please keep your dog on the mat and allow it to enjoy that quick shake. Shaking will remove 70% of the water from the pup’s body. 

Next, you need to use a blow dryer with the right setting to dry the hair of the dog. Puppies are generally afraid of a blow dryer. You can use treats to familiarize your pup with the dryer.

Once your pup is dry, use the brush or comb to smoother out all the hair. Now, your puppy is clean, shiny, and ready to get dirty again! 

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