Is Aquaphor Safe For Dogs?

Aquaphor, a petroleum jelly-like product, is used for many skin issues in humans. But is Aquaphor safe for dogs?

Dogs are safe to use this ointment for their skin.

On the other hand, ingestion could cause health problems for your furry friend.

Dogs will eat anything, even the strangest of things, and some of these may even be toxic.

Dog owners often pet-proof their homes to keep their dogs safe and curious.

Even with all the safety precautions, your dog may still get into things it shouldn’t, like a jar full of Aquaphor.

We recommend checking the Aquaphor benefits and side effects before making any quick decisions about your pet’s safety.

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a brand of OTC skincare products, which comes in four ranges.

This is a treatment and prevention medicine for minor skin irritations, itchy or minor cuts, scrapes, and minor burns.

It helps protect against the drying effects of cold weather, thanks to the emollients, which are substances that moisten and reduce flaking and itching in dogs’ skin.

Is Aquaphor Safe for Dogs?

The Aquaphor cream is used for skin conditions such as dry hands and feet, dry lips, and baby’s bottoms.

It is recommended by many vets and pet experts as a dog nose and skin remedy.

Ingestion of large amounts of Aquaphor can lead to severe health problems, including vomiting and diarrhea.

Aquaphor Benefits for Dogs:

  • The balm is useful for dry nose soother in dogs, known as hyperkeratosis.
  • It is a miracle worker for dry skin conditions such as chapped or dry skin, chapped lips, minor cuts, and burns.
  • You can also apply this moisturizer to the paws of your dog.
  • This lotion can be used to treat dry skin and cracked paws as well as dog wounds.

Aquaphor for Dogs:

  • Use a little bit of the cream and apply it to the affected areas.
  • Use a little bit of the ointment and rub it with your fingertips to soothe a dry nose.
  • Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor to dry skin twice daily.

Common Uses:

You can use this tonic ointment in many ways:

Hot Spot:

Aquaphor, a moisturizing ointment for dogs, can treat various skin conditions. Aquaphor can be used on minor burns, dryness, and injuries.


Aquaphor can be used on small cuts in dogs’ skins. Aquaphor soothes and protects the wound from cold and dust. It is similar to a topical ointment, and it’s easy to use.

Aquaphor can also be used to treat cuts and scratches in dogs. This product is soothing and provides comfort for the affected area. It also enhances the body’s natural healing powers.


Itchy bums can be caused by anal and anus gland problems in dogs. Aquaphor is a great option for dogs suffering from itching.


Dogs can get rashes from heat, allergic reactions, or bites. You can use Aquaphor to soothe rashes and reduce irritation.

Dry skin:

Aquaphor includes humectant components like glycerin, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, etc. Use Aquaphor on your dog’s dry, cracked skin, and it will moisturize the problem area and repair it.


Aquaphor can be applied to the stitched areas of your dog’s body and can also be used to treat dogs with after-surgery wounds.


Hyperkeratosis, also known as the dry nose in dogs, is treatable with Aquaphor magic ointment.

Paw pads:

Use Aquaphor as a paw lotion for dogs. Aquaphor can be applied to the paws of dogs as a paw balm and help the dog feel more comfortable with its paws.


Aquaphor has humectant ingredients that will keep your dog’s lips hydrated.

Is Aquaphor Toxic to Dogs?

Our fluffy companions aren’t harmed by Aquaphor! If used in large quantities, however, the mineral oil contained in this ointment could cause stomach problems such as vomiting or severe diarrhea.

If it has occurred, you have no other option than to wait for the stomach problems to pass. It will happen, don’t worry.

Can Dogs Ingest Aquaphor?

Aquaphor can be used on the paws of your dog’s feet, nose, lips, or feet to soothe skin irritations in dogs, such as hyperkeratosis and cracked feet.

This means that it is safe to be used externally.

Aquaphor is a skincare product with a petroleum jelly texture that doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. Not even if you ingest a small amount!

Aquaphor should not be accidentally eaten or licked by dogs. However, this is acceptable because the amount of Aquaphor consumed is not excessive. However, dogs can experience stomach issues and vomiting if they ingest large amounts.

There are no serious symptoms if your dog is not taking in large amounts of Aquaphor.

What to do if a Dog Eats Aquaphor?

Eating Aquaphor should not cause panic, as it is mostly safe and the worst it can cause is vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.

The size of the laxative effect depends on how much was ingested, the size and weight of your dog, as well as its breed.

Even though Aquaphor is not poisonous, if you don’t get it checked out, diarrhea and vomiting can cause dehydration.

You should consult your veterinarian if you have questions about how to treat diarrhea or how to proceed with your dog’s diet.

What Does Science Say About Aquaphor?

Aquaphor and other ointments can be used to keep lesions and wounds moist until medical intervention.

Although this type of medication is beneficial for wound healing, it can also cause swelling and reddening.

This scientific research shows that Aquaphor was used post-operatively to evaluate lesion reactivity. This ointment caused surgical lacerations to have a higher incidence of redness (52% vs. wounds treated with regular lotions).

What is the Reason Dogs Eat Aquaphor?

Dogs will eat whatever they want.

Here are some reasons your dog might eat Aquaphor.

  • Curiosity – Dogs study the world with their mouths and noses and may accidentally eat some things they find, some of them potentially toxic.
  • Boredom – Dogs can get bored quickly. Dogs may chew on and eat things around the house to keep them busy and might even swallow them.
  • Stress – If your dog feels stressed, it might be able to comfort itself by eating or chewing on things that aren’t food.
  • Habit – Your dog might feel compelled or obligated to eat certain non-food items. This is called pica. Your dog might crave a particular item or a combination of several items. Coprophagia is the medical term for eating feces and is the most common type of pica in dogs.
  • Hunger – If your dog is particularly hungry, it may look for food. Make sure to give your dog enough food.

How to Prevent your Dog from Eating Aquaphor Again?

These are some steps you can take to prevent your dog from eating Aquaphor or other substances.

  • Aquaphor should be kept in an area your dog can’t reach, such as a medicine cupboard or drawer.
  • You might consider an alternative treatment for your dog’s dry skin, like coconut oil or Shea Butter.
  • When training your dog to not eat anything, you must keep them under close watch. If you cannot supervise your dog, you might consider a crate/kennel. While kennel or crate training may seem cruel to some pet parents, it can provide your dog with a sense of security.
  • Your backyard and house can be puppy-proofed to save your dog’s health and help you avoid costly veterinary bills.
  • Clear labels are essential for administering the right drug to your dog.
  • You should not allow your dog into areas that contain chemicals.
  • If your dog is acting out, you can simply say “no” or “drop him” and correct it.

When Should you Visit the Vet?

Aquaphor is safe for dogs and can be taken in small amounts.

However, it is likely to cause diarrhea and vomiting. It is best to speak to your vet about the situation in order to give your dog the best possible care.

These are signs when your dog’s diarrhea needs special attention.

  • If the stool is dark, tarry, or bloody
  • If your dog appears lethargic
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Signs of abdominal pain include groaning and sensitivity to touch
  • Appetite loss
  • Diarrhea that lasts more than 48 hours

It is best to report these symptoms to your vet immediately.


Can I use Aquaphor for my Dog’s wound?

This lotion can be applied to superficial skin issues such as wounds and abrasions, as we have already stated.

Can I use Aquaphor on a dog’s nose?

Hyperkeratosis is a condition that causes dryness of the nose in dogs.

Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor twice daily to your pet’s nose for a dry rub.

You’ll see that Aquaphor can do wonders for your dog’s nose.

Can Aquaphor be used on the ears of my dog?

Pet parents usually visit their vet to manage ear problems. Many dogs suffer from painful and uncomfortable ear conditions that can last years.

You can offer your dog a few remedies for ear problems.

In the long term, sulfur is a common remedy.

Aquaphor can be used on the external surfaces of the ears, but it is not recommended for internal use.

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