Is Orange Essential Oil Safe for Dogs?

Essential oils are aromatic and volatile oils obtained from different plant materials. They are the essence of highly concentrated organic compounds named after the plant from which they are extracted. The oils have excellent mental, emotional, and physical healing properties for humans. Their effect on people has left dog owners curious about whether the oils could have the same impact on their pets.

For over a decade, people have known the use and grown a love for essential oils as alternative treatments for pets. However, not all essential oils benefit dogs, the ingredients being the main determinant. This brings us to the question, is orange essential oil good and safe for dogs?

What Is Orange Essential Oil?

It is derived from Citrus sinensis(sweet orange) peel which contains cells holding the fruit’s volatile fatty glands. When you peel an orange, you might have noticed some droplets spray from the peel and, along with it, the orange aroma. That right there is the essential oil contained in the orange rind and usually is the substance extracted.

Some manufacturers also make use of the orange tree leaves and flowers. Although not commonly practiced, extraction by stem distillation can also be applied.

Oil quality is based on many environmental conditions, including altitude, sunlight, and water availability.

Whether Or Not To Use Orange Essential Oil On Dogs

When moderately used, the orange essential oil is safe and highly beneficial to a dog.

The Benefits

For your fur baby, the oil is an energy source, treatment for skin irritation, an effective odor deodorizer, and fly repellent. Its power to fight off odor is why it is a prioritized additive to dog shampoo. Additionally, the oil plays the role of cleansing and detoxifying the skin.

It also has a lot of natural vitamin c, which reduces inflammation, helps repair the skin and skin coat, and promotes collagen production.

The oil possesses potent calming and spirit-lifting effects, qualifying it for use on dogs that suffer depression and anxiety.

Its Demerits

Oranges belong to the citrus genus in the Rutaceae family. It is speculated that citrus essential oils are very toxic to dogs, but there is no particular theory to support this argument. Other citrus fruits include limes and lemons.

Some sources believe citrus is safe to use on dogs, whereas others opine that it is toxic.

The argument has no clear line on which of the two is right. Nevertheless, both groups agree that the amount of oil you use on your dog matters the most.

As directed by the manufacturer, a pet parent should adequately dilute the essential oil and administer it to the dog in small amounts. This way, there is no harm posed to your pup.

Puppies and aging dogs are the most sensitive to citrus-sourced essential oils.

When a dog is exposed to highly concentrated citrus essential oils, it may experience vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and even go into a coma.

To Diffuse Or Not?

When diffusing any essential oils around your pets, be careful. If inhaled, orange essential oil microdroplets can cause irritation and inflammation in the dog’s lungs. The oils can further be absorbed through the lungs and enter the bloodstream, causing more harm to the pup.

It is good to avoid active diffusers in the rooms where dogs frequent or when they are in the room. Use essential oils with a diffuser for a short period, and lock the dog out of the room.

When diffusing the oil, open the doors and ensure an easily accessible exit point to allow the dog to leave the house if the scents become overwhelming.

How To Safely Use Orange Essential Oil

Dogs sense of smell is heightened hence their ease in finding things. Citrus is among the scents that repel dogs. The canine’s dislike for orange, lime, grapefruit, lemons, or the smell of the same is an added advantage. Following the dislike, dogs are easily deterred from licking or chewing on things that have traces of citrus odors.

Spare The Amount

The orange essential oil can significantly boost a dog’s health when used in moderation in both amount and concentration.

Make sure only to use natural orange essential oil extracted from purely organic sources.

Dilute the oil with an appropriate carrier oil before using it on your dog.

Seek A Reliable Distributor

When purchasing orange essential oil, one should be careful about their dealer choice. Make sure to buy only from a well-trusted, reputable source.

Moreover, always look for 100% therapeutic-grade orange essential oil.

In the quest to move many products and chase quick money, some unscrupulous dealers may mix the oils with other products that could prove harmful to a dog.

While mixing with the wrong things, the dealer might get the concentrations wrong and have an imbalance, which could, in turn, derail pet parents’ dilution efforts.

However, you should remember that even 100% pure oils are not guaranteed to be safe, so even after getting quality oil, you should still take precautions when using it.

So, Is Orange Essential Oil Safe For Dogs?

Including some orange essential oil in your dog’s health routine can significantly boost their health. However, moderation of the amounts applied is critical.

Each pup’s reaction to essential oil varies from the other, so when introducing orange essential oil to them for the first time, make sure to start slowly and keep a keen eye on them for any reaction or behavioral change.

Call the veterinary doctor immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

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