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Italian Dog Breeds You Will Love

Italy is not only known for its art, history and delectable fare, but it also takes pride in its stunning and wonderful dog breeds!

All Italian dog breeds are different in energy levels, grooming needs, size, and exercise requirements. Therefore, select the dog breed that matches your lifestyle and personality the most.

The Top Italian Dog Breeds

Let’s explore some of the best Italian dog breeds out there. One of these can be your soon-to-be furry companion.

1. Cane Corso

One of the most famous Italian dog breeds, the Cane Corso, takes pride in being athletic, muscular, and large. However, its size means you need to give it ample opportunities for physical exercise.

Back in the day, Cane Corsos were used for hunting down wild boards and guard properties. Therefore, they are quite wise and intelligent and easy to train. In addition to their many qualities, these canines can easily bond with the humans that adore them and give them lots of cuddles.

So, if you and your little ones enjoy spending time outdoors and in the playground, you may not find a better companion than the Cane Corso.

2. Spinone Italiano

The Spinone Italiano is often referred to as the Italian Pointer and has a docile and friendly temperament. It is also cautious by nature, which is a trait that was probably developed when these canines were used as companions for hunting.

Do you have kids who enjoy running around and causing trouble? Then the Spinone Italiano will fit right in. They are full of energy and are low maintenance compared to the other dogs on this list.

3. Maltese

A little toy breed, the Maltese, initially had a much bigger title. It was referred to as the “Ye ancient dogge of Malta,” but the name has evolved over the years. For more than 28 centuries, this particular canine has been a wonderful companion to royalty in numerous countries.

When it was first bred, the Maltese was used for hunting mice and rats from merchant ships and harbor warehouses. Today, it has long forgotten its rat-hunting days and enjoys spending time with other pets and children. You can often see them chasing around dog toys as part of a physical activity they enjoy.

If you love cuddles, you will be happy to get this dog and the affection that comes with it. Its fearless, confident, and lively nature will fill your home with happiness.

In addition, these canines are very fast learners, intelligent, and will make training a breeze. However, the most attractive trait of the Maltese is their long, silky, and beautiful white hair.

4. Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo has its origin in the areas of Romagna in Italy. They are medium-small in size and have curly, thick hair, which is soft to the touch. This breed is well-known for its clever antics and intelligent mindset.

But the best part about the Lagotto Romagnolo is that it is very affectionate and eager to please. So, if you are thinking about bringing this pooch home, be ready to receive a lot of cuddles.

5. Lupo Italiano

The Lupo Italiano has a wild origin compared to the more domesticated pets on this list. Its name directly translates to the Italian wolf. In 1966, this breed was developed as a cross between a wild wolf from Northern Lazio and a German Shepherd.

Soon after this breed came to exist, the government of Italy realized its potential and decided to put it to work. Consequently, laws were passed, and financial resources were provided to encourage the breeding of the Lupo Italiano.

These days, you will find these dogs assisting Alpine rescue teams in various search missions, including finding avalanche victims. They help to find people trapped under buildings and debris due to natural disasters.

At first look, the Lupo Italiano resembles a German Shepherd but has a snout of a wolf. However, its personality is not like that of a wolf. These furry creatures are gentle and love being affectionate toward the families they love.

6. Neapolitan Mastiff

Often used as watch and guard dogs, the Neapolitan Mastiffs, are well-known for their massive size. Not many people know this, but the Roman army formerly used these dangerous canines in wars.

Even though this breed has a bark worse than its bite, these are quite peaceful and steady. You can also find them in several colors ranging from grey to mahogany to black and tawny.

7. Bergamasco

Have you ever seen a dog with wool, goat hair and dog hair? Does a canine of this kind even exist? Well, the answer is yes! The Bergamasco is a special puppy that has a famous mop-like appearance.

These breeds were brought to the Italian Alps from Iran by shepherds, and they came to be known as Bergamascos. Since then, they have spent time with humans, bringing joy into their lives. They also make wonderful companions due to their friendly and loving nature.

8. Italian Greyhound

If you live in the countryside or the big city, the little Italian Greyhound will fit right into your life. It has a sweet and gentle nature, which makes it an incredible companion dog.

They were initially bred to hunt down small animals but have since become pretty sociable with all kinds of pets.

9. Bracco Italiano

Also referred to as the Italian Pointer, the Bracco Italiano is a popular pointing breed. Initially, it was spotted in the United States in the late 1900s and made a name for itself.

These canines are intelligent and versatile, with a playful nature. You will often find them following you around the house because they do not want to be separated from the human they love.

These puppies can weigh up to 88 pounds and are loyal to a fault. You can also train them to be hunting dogs or make the best family companions.

10. Bolognese

As soon as you read this dog’s name, did your mind wander toward the yummy Italian pasta dish? Bolognese is also one of the country’s most popular Italian dog breeds.

Faithful and fluffy, these are pure-white canines, which have been adored for decades by royalty in the country. They are small lap dogs, affectionate and amiable. However, they do not like being separated from their humans, so keep them surrounded by loved ones.

11. Cirneco dell’Etna

Developed in Sicily, the Cirneco dell’Etna is a sleek and elegant pup. It is agile and athletic and is one of the oldest Italian dog breeds on this list. Once you bring this dog home, be sure to provide it with at least 30 minutes or more of vigorous exercise daily.

12. Maremma Sheepdog

The Maremma Sheepdog is a large livestock Italian breed, which is often found in the areas surrounding southern and central Italy.

These canines are large, cuddly, with a thick white coat. They also make excellent guard dogs, which is expected given their history. Back in the day, these pups belonged to rural herding communities and were used to protect livestock from predators, including wolves.

13. Segugio Italiano

A small scent hound, the Segugio Italiano was formerly bred to hunt down boar and hare. Due to its heightened sense of smell, it can easily find the dog treats that you carefully hid away!

Its past entails that these dogs require ample exercise daily to stay fit and content. So, be sure to take it on your outdoor adventures, or hunting, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

14. Volpino

Have you ever made a ball out of snow? Well, that is exactly what a Volpino looks like, only bigger. This breed of dog is pretty rare, given that there are only 3,000 of these globally.

Some of the best qualities of these pups include their alertness, cunning nature, and intelligence. It means they are quick to learn when you train them to be domesticated as per your lifestyle.

15. Saint Bernard

Have you ever heard people talking about a nanny dog? If yes, then they were probably talking about Saint Bernard. This dog was initially developed to search and rescue monks, who were often stranded in the snowy and dangerous Alps.

Due to their intelligence and a strong sense of smell Saint Bernards was able to save more than 2,000 people in no less than 200 years. Today, you will find these large dogs having fun with other animals and kids.

Should You Bring Home An Italian Dog Breed?

The list above covers only a few popular Italian dog breeds. Most of these canines belong to the Mediterranean country, whose rich history has led to the breeding of different distinct species.

If you are searching for an excellent companion to adopt and bring home Italian dog breed is an ideal choice. Each dog brings something special to the table and has the potential to fill your life with joy!

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