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Japanese Dog Names With Meanings

With about 130 million speakers, Japanese is the ninth most widespread language in the world. This does not imply that learning is simple! Finding the ideal name for your new best buddy is one of the very first tasks you’ll need to do when getting a new dog. Moreover, I’m not sure if this is the case for you, but I found the procedure a little bit intimidating. It might be overwhelming to know where to start with several names available.

Most dog breeds of Japanese ancestry have pointed ears and turned-up tails, and they can range in size from modest to large. Hokkaido Inu, Akita Inu, Kai Inu, Kishu Inu, Shiba Inu, and Shikoku Inu are popular breeds (Inu translates to “dog” in Japanese).

We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of well-liked Japanese dog names and their meanings to aid you in your quest. Just make sure everyone in your family knows how to pronounce the name. If not, you risk confusing your dog. So you’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking for a Japanese name for your new puppy.

Popular Japanese Dog Names

Tadeo – Loyal

Asahi – Morning sun

Yuki – Good fortune

Kaito – To Fly

Pochi – The Japanese equivalent of “Spot”

Ren – Lotus flower

Adzuki – Red bean

Ichigo – Strawberry

Runa – Luna

Makoto – Sincerity

Taro –  Eldest son or boy

Kotaro – To shine

Maru – Round

Hiro – Abundant

Kento – Wise

Sakura – Cherry blossoms

Yoshi – Rrespectful

Yuji -Brave second son

Sora – Sky

Japanese Names for Female Dogs

Kimi – Noble

Tomiko – Child of wealth, fortune

Emi – Beautiful blessing

Aiko – Child of love

Hotaru – Firefly

Kiyomi – Pure beauty

Madoka – Circle, round

Mi – Beautiful

Midori – Green

Yuriko – Lily child

Sumiko – Child of clarity

Moriko – Child of the forest

Nanami – Seven seas

Rina – Jasmine

Naomi – straight, beautiful

Shinju – Pearl

Yoko – child of sunlight

Saki – Blossom of hope

Suzu – bell

Yukari – Beautiful pear tree

Takako – Noble child

Umeko – Plum child

Wakana – Harmonious music

Suzume – Sparrow

Shigeko – Growing child

Rin – Dignified

Yui – Bind clothing

Japanese Names for Male Dogs

Haruki – Shining sun

Takashi – Prosperous, noble

Kaito – Ocean flying

Riku – Land

Akio – Bright man

Daiki – Great glory

Daisuke – Great help

Hideo – Excellent man

Hiroshi – Generous

Kenta – Large strong

Kyo – Cooperation

Ryo – Refreshing

Tsuyoshi – Strong

Masato – Righteous person

Makoto – Sincere

Masa – Just  true

Dai – Great, large

Nao – Honest

Nori – To rule

Yoshio – Joyful life

Yuichi – Heroic first son

Kenji – Strong, second son

Kunio – Countryman

Michio – Man on a journey

Shiro – Fourth son

Yamato – Great harmony

Takeo – Warrior hero

Rokuro – Sixth son

Japanese Dog Names Inspired by Food

Dog names with culinary associations are quite common. Their adorable forms can’t help but make us think of our favorite sweets at times. Or, if your dog is constantly pleading for rewards, it might seem fitting to name them after their preferred meal.

Sashimi – Raw fish

Onigiri – Sticky rice wrapped in seaweed

Katsudon – Fried pork

Omuraisu – A rice dish topped with an omelet

Momo – Peach

Nori – Seaweed

Ringo – Apple

Sake – An alcoholic drink

Adzuki – Red bean

Tofu – Soybean curd

Mochi – A chewy rice cake

Sushi – Sticky rice with vinegar

Cool Dog Names from Japan

Because “cool” may be understood in numerous ways, one of these labels is sure to work.

Kei -Style

Akira – Intelligent

Daiki – Born for the great glory

Hideaki – Bright and shining

Arata – New and Fresh

Karafuru – Colorful

Itsuki – Independance

Ikigai – Reason for being

Fuji – Unique

Kiseki – Miracle

Zūmu – Zoom

Geographically-Inspired Names for Japanese Puppies

Osaka – оne of the biggest cities in the country

Kawasaki – А bustling metropolis situated between Tokyo and Yokohama

Fushimi – А shrine in Kyoto.

Sapporo – Fifth largest city in Japan

Kobe – Close to Osaka, it is Japan’s sixth-largest city

Fuji – Not too distant from Tokyo is another town in Japan

Oki – Similar Okinawa is a group of almost a hundred little islands southwest of Japan’s main island

Tokyo – Japan capital

Kyoto – a city in central Japan.

Ashi – Similar to the beautiful body of water, Lake Ashi.

Yoko – Just south of the nation’s capital, Tokyo, is where Yokohama is situated.

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