Litter Robot 3 – Full Review 2022

Do you loathe the moment when it comes time to scoop up that clumped up kitty litter and your cat’s waste?

I used to hate it until I found the Litter Robot years ago. I have used both previous versions – the Litter Robot I and II, but I must say that I and my three Persian cats are the happiest with the latest Litter Robot III – Open Air!

Litter Robot

I can honestly say that this is absolutely the greatest automatic, self-cleaning litter box available on the market today! This comes as no surprise given the fact that the producer has been making and perfecting it for over 15 years and has been taking into consideration all of the positive and negative feedback and suggestions from its customers.

It is absolutely fabulous and will help limit the scooping and the contact you have with cat’s waste, which is not only a nasty task but in some cases may be dangerous to your health, especially if you are expecting a child, because of the risk of a toxoplasmosis infection which is known to cause harm to unborn children.

With this amazing robotized self-cleaning box, you will forget about the smell, the scooping, and the whole messy operation of cleaning out the litter box of your beloved pets.

An introduction to the Litter Robot III Open Air

This is an almost entirely automatic clever litter box that will eliminate the need for scooping up waste and clumped up litter and will minimize the need for cleaning out the unit.

Its ingenious design also will help remove the nasty odor that traditional litter boxes emit and is going to save you tons of money for kitty litter in the long run, as it uses up about 30 to 50 percent less cat litter.

It is a reliable, modernistic-looking device that once you install it, will make you forget about scooping up the waste several times a day. In fact, you will feel perfectly comfortable leaving your cat or cats alone at home for several days without worrying about the smell and mess you are going to find when you return. Also, as all cat lovers know, cats like clean toilet spaces, so your fur babies will feel comfortable all the time when you are not there to tend to their needs and to ensure their hygiene.

This genius device will automatically separate the cat’s waste and the soiled litter from the clean one and store it in a waste receptacle so that the litter is always clean and so that the smell is no longer a problem in your household.

It also helps reduce the risk of nasty bacteria growing in the litter box and thus prevents your cats and you and your family from getting sick.

Overall, you will find that you will do much less cleaning and more cat petting and playing once you start using the Litter Robot III!

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How does the Open Air work?


The dome-shaped litter box is fitted with a smart weight sensor that identifies when a cat weighing from 5 to 20 lbs. enters the box and when it leaves it.

Then depending on the settings, you have chosen for the cleaning timer, the rotating mechanism switches on and sifts the clumped up litter and the waste from the clean one, and dumps it into a receptacle drawer, which you can line with a garbage bag for easy emptying.

You can choose between 3, 7, or 15 minutes after the cat has done its business for the cleaning process to start. It does take some time before the litter gets clumpy after a cat urinates, so depending on the type of kitty litter you use, you can adjust the timer accordingly.

The convenient waste drawer is fitted with a carbon filter which helps eliminate the odor from the disposal receptacle.

After the cleaning process is done, the rotating globe rotates back to its original position and is ready for use by your cats once again.

The good news for the cat parents is that you won’t need to buy any special branded cat litter or bags, you can use the litter of your choice and ordinary garbage or shopping bags.

The design of the latest version of the Litter Robot features a spacious litter area, dome and a large enough entrance which is comfortable to use and will not intimidate larger or shyer cats.

You will be alerted when it is time to throw out the garbage bag from the tray when the blue indicator light switches on and a buzzing sound is emitted. All you have to do is to pull out the waste drawer, remove and dispose of the bag and replace it with a new one. Pop it back in – and voila! This is all the contact you will be having with your cat’s waste!

You can even lock the control panel to keep it safe from curious kids and kitties which as we all know love fumbling and playing with buttons and dials.

The rotating mechanism does make a slight noise, but thankfully the manufacturers of the Litter Robot III have added an 8-hour sleep mode option, so you can switch it on if you are a light sleeper. It does provide the option for turning the cleaning mechanism on manually as well.

The useful night light will illuminate the litter box when it is dark, which is quite comforting for older or nervous cats.

If you are worried about power cuts while you are gone, you can purchase a battery backup unit for the Litter Robot III which will provide up to 48 hours of operation for two cats, and more for one.

The unit is designed to waste very little clean litter, so you will find yourself buying much less litter than you used to once your cats start using the Litter Robot III Open Air.

With over 125,000 satisfied customers, and after 15 years of experience in the field of self-cleaning litter boxes, the producer is positive that the Litter Robot III will be the last litter box you will ever want to own, and that you will never need to scoop litter waste again!

Even if your cat or you are not happy with the purchase, you have a whole 90 days to reconsider and return it thanks to the money-back guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

Here are the pros and cons of the Litter Box III Open Air


  • It has a large litter area and entrance and it can be used for cats which weigh from 5 to 20 lbs.
  • You will save half of the money you spend on kitty litter with this automatic litter box
  • It is suitable for households with more than one cat
  • The unit is very well built, so you don’t need to worry about it breaking apart
  • Reduces the odor from the cat toilet to minimum
  • You can go on a trip for a few days and feel confident that your fur babies are comfortable and that the house is not a mess
  • An automatic night light will turn on when a cat decides to use the toilet in the dark
  • The compact footprint of this robotized cat litter box is small, so you can fit it in a limited or tight space
  • The sensors will detect when the cat is in and when it leaves the box
  • You can set the cleaning timer for 3 to 15 minutes after the cat has done its business
  • The rotating self-cleaning mechanism will help limit the need for maintenance and cleaning on your side to a minimum
  • There is an 8-hour sleep mode, in case you are a light sleeper and don’t want to be awakened by the sound of the rotating mechanism
  • A useful indicator will inform you when the waste tray is nearly full and needs emptying
  • This device doesn’t need to be assembled. It is a plug and plays unit, so all you really need to do is fill it with the litter of your choice, place a garbage bag in the waste tray and plug it in a power outlet
  • If the sensor detects that the cat is re-entering the litter box, the cleaning cycle will stop and it will return back to its original position, only to start rotating again 7 minutes later
  • The self-cleaning litter box comes with a 90-day return and refund guarantee, and a warranty of a whole 18 months
  • It is sold with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a warranty of 18 months
  • The modernistic design of the dome-like litter box is a joy to the eye


  • The Litter Robot III is on the high-end price-wise
  • It does make some noise when the mechanism rotates which could bother nervous or timid cats
  • Not suitable for cats larger than 20 lbs.

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How is the Open Air Litter Robot better than the previous two versions?

This is the third and the finest version of the famous Litter Robot to date. It has been designed after a decade and a half of experience and after two previous versions – the first and second versions of the Litter Robot. Plus, the manufacturer has been truly interested in listening to its hundreds of thousands of customers, and based on their common complaints and improvement suggestions has created the most perfect one yet.

Here are the major improvements in this version of the ingenious self-cleaning litter robot.

  • The Litter Box III is truly the culmination of them all. It is designed to accommodate larger cats, with a larger dome and a larger litter area and entrance
  • It features a useful LED night light for cats who have impaired vision or are scared of using a dark litter box
  • The indicator light for the waste drawer informs you when it is time to dispose of the waste, and it has a sensor that will automatically stop dumping the waste when it is full to prevent making a mess when pulling it out. Plus, a beeping sound will remind you that you need to empty the waste tray if you are not around to see the light
  • Also, now you get the useful adaptable cleaning cycle timer which allows you to adjust exactly when it starts after the cat has left the dome
  • The 8-hour sleep mode option is also a major improvement that light sleepers truly appreciate
  • You also have an option to purchase a back up battery unit for your litter robot with this version
  • The Litter-Robot III is significantly quieter than the previous two models
  • This version also comes pre-assembled so you don’t need to worry about fitting the different bits and pieces together. You only have to plug it in after you have filled it with litter and have placed a bag in the disposal receptacle

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How do you set up the Litter-Robot 3

Since it now comes preassembled, you actually only need to put the head on the base, add clumping clay litter of your choice, line the waste tray with a garbage bag, plug it in a nearby power socket, and you are done. You can adjust the timer for the cleaning cycle as you choose among the options of 3, 7, or 15 minutes after the cat has left the litter box.

What type of clumping clay litter do you use with the Litter Robot III

You can use whichever brand you prefer, and the greatest news is that this self-cleaning litter box also functions properly with Little Pearls and litter crystals, as well as with the various brands of clumping clay available on the market. So, you can use whichever type you want and yet feel secure that the unit will function properly.

What kind of maintenance does the Litter Robot III need?

Although the entire cat litter cleaning process is automatized, you will still need to replace the bags from the waste receptacle tray. An indicator light will switch on and a beeping sound will notify you when this needs to be done. Don’t worry if you are not home at that right moment. The Litter-Robot III has a sensor which will stop the cleaning cycles if the waste tray is full, in order to prevent a nasty mess from it getting overfilled.

Also, yes, you will still need to periodically clean the inside of the dome and the waste tray, but you can do that with a disinfectant spray and a damp cloth and wipe the inside and outside to keep things sanitized healthy at home.

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Recommendations for setting up and using the Litter Robot Open air

  • Make sure that your cat or all of your cats are within the weight range of 5 to 20 lbs. in order to be certain that the automatic litter box will function properly. There is a manual cleaning cycle mode if your kitty is too small or too big though
  • Place the robot on a stable, flat surface to allow it to operate properly
  • Use a litter matt underneath the unit in order to keep your cat’s paws clean of the litter
  • Allow your cats to get used to it without forcing them in because it can scare them away. It is a good idea to place it next to their old litter box
  • Don’t attempt to remove the globe while the base is rotating
  • Do not submerge the entire unit in water
  • Turn it off and unplug it when you remove the globe to avoid injury to your cat form the rotating mechanism

Final Words

So, I hope I have been through enough with my personal experience with the fabulous Litter Robot III Open Air.

I am absolutely in love with this amazing self-cleaning device and can’t get enough of the time and effort it has saved me since I first got it.

I have been a fan of the Litter Robot since day one and since version one, and I can honestly say that the latest version is a dream come true for a dedicated cat parent, who wants only the best for their babies!

I strongly recommend this product, even though the price is a bit steep because it is very sturdy, I can always rely on it that it will keep the litter area clean and because I have been spending less and less on cat litter ever since I first plugged it in and started using it.

Also, my cats are absolutely in love with it and keep rushing to watch what is going on every time the cleaning cycle starts.

It is most definitely a superb investment, and I am pretty sure that I won’t be fiddling with scoops or cat waste any thanks to the Litter Robot III!

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