The Best Dog Breeds With Longest Life Spans

Every dog owner would like their dog to live a long and happy life. This depends not only on the quality of care, proper daily walks and quality food. Think about whether your dog’s breed plays a role in his long, peaceful and happy life. You will find in the following lines a long list of dog breeds, with their life expectancy, so you know what to choose. Know, however, that short-legged small breeds live longer than their large-legged breed counterparts.


  • Beagle 

A breed of medium-sized dogs, bursting with energy, spotted, sweet-looking, weighing up to 10 kg and about 40 cm tall. Do not choose this breed if you are looking for a guardian for your home. They are extremely affectionate, medium slobbery, but if you don’t have time for long daily walks then don’t choose a Beagle as your pet. Ancestor of the English Foxhound breed. It is best kept indoors, if it is not well trained never take it out without a leash. They get along easily with the children in the home, yet they should not be left with them much especially without adult supervision. They love kibble, but so they don’t get bored too quickly, offer different types. This way your pet will get all the vitamins and minerals it needs. They remember a lot, they’re smart as a person, so be especially careful what you say. They live on average about 15 years.


  • Jack Russell Terrier

A small breed of terrier bred in England since the 19th century, with reddish hairs on the head and tail, usually with a white solid coat. They reach a weight of 6-9 kg and are about 30 cm tall. In England they were very often used to hunt foxes for the reason that they were very easy to catch them in their holes. Jack Russell Terrier is a breed with inexhaustible energy. 50% of them are completely black or light brown, and sometimes mat dark circles around the eyes. Almond to black eyes filled with fidelity. Sometimes the breed also resembles a small melez. They always have pointed ears, a big black nose, but a dangerously strong bite with big straight teeth. Very often you will hear,that they live up to 16 years, although in the world there are also varieties lasting up to 19.


  1. Chihuahua 

 A breed bearing the name of a popular state in Mexico, but also the most popular breed of dogs around the world. An attractive, sympathetic, little home friend who has existed since the time of Christopher Columbus. A turbulent, brave, faithful dog, sometimes quite rebellious, however devoted to the grave. He’s very attached to his owners. His real name is “Chihuaueño”, literally translated as “dry and sandy place”. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this is the smallest dog in the world, reaching a dudgy of only 15 cm. Well coexisted with specimens of the same breed, became a gloat and aggressively outspoken large dogs. All over the world, we can meet specimens in all kinds of colors. Another important saltiness of these cubs is their silky soft fur, with long fine tresses behind the ears and on the feet. Short-haired varieties do not like the cold, and for this you can very often see a dressed Chihuahua. They live from 12-18 years, but it is not uncommon for those who live to about 20 years. 

  1. Dachshund 

Short and small, short-legged nasty fur, you reach a height of about 35 cm, it weighs 10 -12 kg. A guard dog that doesn’t drovie, loudly vocal. It can be trained, as well as coexist with other pets, a favorite of children, who sometimes like to riding it instead of a horse. He loves his family very much, away from strangers, even barks at them. He’s a great hunting dog, he can easily smell his prey. They like short but frequent walks, they eat a little, but often. It is good to stimulate their walking in some way. Their small muzzle helps their good chewing ability, and thus improves their digestion. Dry food is their favorite. They love being petted. Suitable for growing in an apartment, fast, agile and skillful sweets. Hostile and evil to unknown animals, and sometimes it can even bite them. Their life expectancy depends mostly on their owner. With proper care, a dachshund can live to 18 years. Female iotwo are less susceptible to stress. Neutered екзмепляри водят и по спокоен начин на живот. Те също изпитват студ особено през зимните месеци, така че не се учудвайте ако срещнете облечен дакел. 


  1. Golden Retriever 

Gentle brown eyes, ended large nose, large hanging ears, height 25- 51 cm, weight 25-40 kg, long and beautiful soft tail. A radiant evil fur from which their name comes. Friendly and quite confident, they love even unfamiliar people and dogs. They can only be aggressive and mean to other breeds if they try to take their food. Great guide dog especially to blind people. People first saw this breed in England in 1911, although its origin is from Guizahan, near the Afrik Valley (Scotland). Loyal and highly committed to their loved ones. Easy-to-train dogs. Great swimmers, females of the breed are great mothers of other dog breeds, extremely caring, kind and loving to cats especially, those in trouble. The breed adores soup meat, fish, vegetables. Today on the market you can find a huge variety of foods, putting everything you need for the good and proper life of the Goldens. If you take proper care of such a specimen, it can live to 12, and sometimes even 15 years. They have the young children, the best family dog.

  1. Afghan hound 

An irreplaceable aristocrat dressed in a long, gold dress, beautifully swept away by the wind. Energetic hunters, also known by the peoples of Ancient Persia. Excellent hunter and shepherd too. Always vigilant and alert, ready for a quick reaction despite its noble wasp. Dark eyes almost always andbeathy looking nose. Massive muscular legs, difficult to trained dog due to its heavy wayward nature. Hostile to foreign people, it is difficult to accept young children in the family, because they as a dog would like to be the dominant. They don’t like rude revenge, so be careful. After all, if they learn any commands, they remember them for life. Another is the issue that they don’t like to be trained. But still, if they execute at the end of the day any commands, then you’d better give them a treat for reward and encouragement. Quite a shy dog, it is not good to leave it alone with small children. With proper care, the breed can live to 15 years. 

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7. Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most common breeds of dogs. They’re goem actors, smart and fun short-haired little kids 7-9 cm tall. They were dressed in a sleek black coat, with grey shades around their necks and head. They usually reach a weight of 7 kg, but it is not excluded to reach up to 14 kg in the rare case. Their fur is hypoallergenic, female specimens are very often compared to Princess Rapunzel. They like to bathe daily, are susceptible to training and are an extremely skillful breed. They have a lot of energy in excess, even. For this, it is best to leave them loose in the yard of your house, or let them run freely in the park. Provide them with a balanced and healthy diet every day. They love dry food. But still don’t let them eat directly from your pot. Proper nutrition is important for both humans and dogs. 


So you certainly already know which breeds of dogs live the longest. Especially if you are about to bring a dog home for the first time. The list doesn’t stop there. Dogs in the best option live 11-15 years. This average is 140 years old. It is really good to be interested as potential owners of a dog for the continuity of his life. 

Some even outlive others. Small breeds live longer than the others. Larger breeds grow faster and age faster. Everyone certainly has a favorite breed, but unfortunately what is the sweetest, sweetest, obedient puppy, be it a guard dog is not important. And despite all that has been said so far, the topic of dog breeds with the longest life remains inexhaustible. One thing is for sure, however – if you own any breed of dog, it would certainly prolong your life and make you happier than you actually are. So you all have health and longevity together. What’s better than having a companion dog? We wish you a pleasant choice of your new pet.

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