Native American Dog Names 2022

If you want to give your dog a Native American name because it has wolf-like qualities or because you have Native American roots, or even if you just want to give your dog the best and most unique name, you are in luck. There are many beautiful names for male and female dogs, big and small dogs, and just about any breed and type of dog.

It is good to know that Native American names are considered lucky and will present the dog or another name bearer with longevity and good health because these names are sacred according to the Native Americans.

This means that not only will your dog have a one-of-a-kind name, but you will also gift it with a lucky charm and hope it will live a happy and healthy long life with you.

It is also worth noting that, according to Native American Folklore believes that the people who love and treat dogs well will get rewarded, and those who dislike and mistreat them will be punished by fate.

The reason for this love of canines is the fact that dogs have played a huge role in the lives and history of the Native Americans, who have used them for camp guarding, hunting, herding, retrieving, and sled hauling, and as clan animals.

Some dog breeds still have Native American genetics, such as the Alaskan malamute, the Mackenzie River Husky, the Labrador Husky, and the Xoloitzcuintli. But the truth is you can give a proper and outstanding Native American name to any type of dog from any breed or one without a breed.

Native American Dog Names

The beauty and significance of Native American names are because they protect, heal, and help the person or animal throughout their life.

So, let’s look at the various categories and types of Native American dog names that you can choose from.

Native American Dog Names for Male Dogs

Achak = Spirit

Ahanu = He laughs

Akando = Ambush, powerful and wealthy

Akikta = Working with determination

Allohak = Powerful one

Alo = A spiritual guide

Anoki = Actor

Apache = A famous Native American tribe

Apiatan = Wooden Lance

Asahavey = Perfect leader

Ashkii = Boy

Bidaban = Dawn, perfect human

Bidzill = He is strong

Buck = Deer

Caiya = Being near

Calian = A warrior of life

Catahecassa = Black hoof

Chas Chunka = Wave

Chayton = Falcon

Chesmu = Grainy

Cheveyo = Legend

Chogan = Black bird

Ciqala = Small one

Dakotah = Friend of friends

Dasan = Chief

Dyami = Majestic Eagle

Elan = Tree or a friendly and good person

Elsu = Flying falcon

Enapay = Brave and powerful

Enyeto = Walks like a boar

Etu = Sun

Feo = True hearted

Gaagii = Raven

Gad = Fortune

Geronimo = The leader and medicine man in the Apache tribe who rose to great prominence for leading warriors in several wars

Hakan = Emperor

Halian = Youthful

Hanska = Tall (in Sioux)

Hassun = Stone

Helaku = Full of sun

Helki = Touch

Hinto = Blue

Hongvi = Strong

Honi = Wolf (in Arapaho)

Hotha = Gray man

Huslu = Hairy bear

Huslu = Shaggy bear

Istu = Sugar

Jacy = Healer

Japa = Chant

Kachada = White man

Kai = Rejoice

Kajika = Walks quietly

Kangee = Raven

Kawa = Great (in Apache)


Keme = Secret thunder

Kenesaw = Grass

Kitchi = Brave

Koda  = Friend or Ally

Kohana = Swift

Kosumi = Hunts fish

Laneetees = Big elk

Lansa = Lance

Len = Brave lion

Liwanu = Growl of a bear

Lonato = Flint stone

Luta = Red or beautiful

Mahaska = White cloud

Mahkah = One who belongs to

Maka = Earth (in Sioux)

Makya = Eagle hunter

Manco = Foundation

Maska = Strong

Mingan = Dark wolf

Motega = New arrow

Nantan = Chief

Nashoba = Wolf (in Choctaw)

Nibaw = Standing tall

Nikiti = Round

Nodin = Wind

Ohanko = Restless

Ohanzee = Dark shade

Ouray = Sharp as an arrow

Paco = Eagle

Pallaton = Warrior

Patamon = Tempest

Pays = One who is coming

Paytah = Born out of fire

Pegalesharro = A man’s chief

Piapot = A person who knows the Sioux secret

Pontiac = Odawa war chief

Powa = Wellness

Qaletaqa = Guardian

Quanah = Fragrant, smelling sweet

Raini = The creator

Sahale = Like a falcon

Sakima = King

Shaman = A tribal medicine holy man

Skah = White

Tadi = Wind

Tahoma = Shoreline (in Navajo)

Tansy = Immortal

Tasunke = Horse

Tatanka = A bull buffalo

Tattuye = A fox

Tocho = Mountain lion

Tokala = Fox

Tyee = Commander

Wakiza = Warrior

Wazi = Wizard

Yoki = Rain

Yuma = Son of chief

Zuma = God’s anger

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Native American Dog Names for Female Dogs

Abey = Leaf

Achak = Spirit

Adila = Blossom

Adsila = Blossom

Aiyana = Eternal blossom

Almika = She of the sun

Ama = Water (in Cherokee)

Amadahy = Forest water

Aponi = Butterfly

Atepa = Wigwam

Atotoztli = Something which is not so clear

Aviaja = Positive

Awendea = Beautiful morning

Awendela = Fawn

Awinita = Fawn

Ayasha = Small one

Ayita = First to dance

Aylen = Happiness

Bena = Patridge

Bly = Tall

Catori = Spirit

Chapa = Beaver

Chaska = Star goddess

Chenoa = White dove

Chilali = Snow bird

Chilam = Snowbird

Chimalis = Bluebird

Chumani = Drops of dew

Dakota = Friends

Dena = Slender

Denali = Great one

Dyani = Fast and clever like a deer

Enemene = Sing

Enesta = Hear

Enola = Solitary

Etenia = Wealthy

Eyota = Great

Fala = Crow

Flo = Arrow

Haloke = Salmon

Halona = Happy fortune

Halyn = Unique

Hateya = Leaving tracks

Helki = Touch

Hinto = Deep blue eyes

Hokaratcha = Pole cat

Hurit = Beautiful

Huyana = Falling rain

Imala = Disciplines

Istas = Snow

Itzel = Rainbow

Kachina = Sacred dancer

Kasa = Dressed in fur

Kateri = The Mohawk

Kaya = Pure

Kayah = Wise Child

Kimi = Secret

Kineks = Rosebud

Kiona = Brown mountain

Luyu = Wild dove

Magena = Moon

Mai = Coyote

Maji = Leave

Mansi = Paintbrush

Mansi = plucked flower

Meli = Daughter

Mika = Beautiful smell

Mona = Noble one

Muna = Hope

Na’estse = One

Navajo = A Native American tribe in the southwest

Nayeli = I love you

Neewa = Four

Nese = Two

Niaran = Five

Nina = Strong

Nistu = Three

Nita = Bear

Nizhoni = Beautiful one

Nova = Chasing butterflies

Nuna = Land

Odina = Hills

Orenda = Supernatural

Papina = Ivy

Peta = Golden eagle

Pocahontas = Daughter of a powerful Powhatan Chief who married an English man

Poloma = Bow

Rozene = Rose blossom

Seke= Black

Snana = Jingle

Soma = Sun

Soyala = Winter solstice

Tablita = Tiara

Taima = Thunder

Taini = New moon

Tala = Wolf

Tallulah = Running water

Tama = Jewel

Tanis = Daughter

Tehya = Precious

Tepkunset = Moon

Tiponi = Important child (in Hopi)

Una = One

Waneta = Shape=shifter

Wigwam = Dwelling

Winona = First daughter (in Sioux)

Wyanet = Beautiful

Yamka = Blossom

Zihna = Spins

Zonata = Trusted, faithful

Native American Dog Names for Strong Dogs

Ahonu = He who laughs (in Algonquin)

Animosh – Dog (in Algonquin)

Bly = Tall

Denali = Great One

Eyota = Great

Hanska = Tall (in Sioux)

Honann – Bear (in Miwok)

Honi = Wolf (in Arapaho)

Honovi = Powerful deer (in Hopi)

Keme = Thunder (in Algonquin)

Kitchi = Brave (in Algonquin)

Koa = Strong and brave (Hawaiian)

Kohana = Swift (in Sioux)

Kuruk = Bear (in Pawnee)

Maikoh = Wolf (in Navajo)

Makwa = Bear (in Algonquin)

Maska – Strong and brave

Micco = Chief (in Seminole)

Miwak = Bear growl (in Miwok)

Nina = Strong

Nokosi = Bear (in Seminole)

Omitaa – Dog

Tonka – Bull (Dakota)

Wakanda = Possessing Magic (in Sioux)

Yansa = Buffalo (in Cherokee)

Yuma = Chief’s song (in Navajo)

Native American Dog Names for cute dogs

Alawa = Pea (in Algonquin)

Cherokee = One of the most powerful and strong tribes, the name means Dawn or perfect time

Dakota = Friend (in Sioux)

Kanti = Singing (in Algonquin)

Kasa = Dressed in Fur (in Hopi)

Kaya = Pure

Kele = Sparrow (in Hopi)

Kimi = Secret (in Algonquin)

Koko = Night, Black foot

Lulu = Rabbit (in Hopi)

Mansi = Plucked flowers (in Hopi)

Matto = Warrior

Mika = Smart raccoon

Miki = Little (in Inuit)

Mochni = Talking bird (in Hopi)

Mona = Noble one

Mukki = Child (in Algonquian)

Nikan = My friend (in Potawatomi)

Nova = Chasing butterfly (in Hopi)

Nuttah = My heart (in Algonquian)

Ogin = Wild rose

Onawa = Wide awake

Onida = The one who is searched for (in Sioux)

Pakwa = Frog (in Hopi)

Pules = Pigeon (in Algonquian)

Rozene = Rose

Salali = Squirrel (in Cherokee)

Sequoyah = Sparrow (in Cherokee)

Sihu = Flower (in Hopi)

Sitsi = Daughter (in Navajo)

Takoda = Friend to all (in Sioux)

Tiva = Dance (in Hopi)

Una = One

Wakanda = One with magical powers (in Sioux)

Weeko = Pretty (in Sioux)

Winona = Giving (in Sioux)

Yuma = Chief’s song (in Navajo)

Nature-based Native American Dog Names

Abedabun = Sight of day (in Cheyenne)

Abetzi = Yellow leaf (in Omaha)

Adsila = Blossom (in Cherokee)

Aiyana = Eternal blossom

Alawa = Pea (in Algonquin)

Ama = Water (in Cherokee)

Amitola = Rainbow

Aponi = Butterfly

Awanata = Turtle (in Miwok)

Awantia = Fawn

Chapa = Beaver (in Sioux)

Cholena = Bird

Chumani = Dew drops (in Sioux)

Kai = Willow Tree (in Navajo)

Kele = Sparrow (in Hopi)

Kewanee = Prairie hen (in Potawatomi)

Kinta = Deer (in Potawatomi)

Kiona = Brown mountain

Koko = Night (in Blackfoot)

Leotie = Flower of the prairie

Lulu = Rabbit (in Hopi)

Maka = Earth (in Sioux)

Mika = Intelligent racoon

Misu = Rippling brook (in Miwok)

Pavita = Clear Water (in Hopi)

Peta = Golden eagle

Tala = Wolf

Tallulah = Leaping water (in Choctaw)

Yoki = Rain (in Hopi)

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Native American Dog Names after Famous Native Americans

Ahtahkakoop = A Cree chief from the beginning of the 19th Century

Ahuitzotl =The eighth ruler of the Aztec tribe

Black Hawk = A famous and powerful opponent to the government

Black Hawk = A Saulk chief who led the forces in the War of 1812

Cochise = The Apache Chief who led the fight against American and Mexican expansion. The name means “strength of an oak”

Crazy Horse = The Lakota warrior who led the battle against General George Crook and was known for

Geronimo = The famous Apache Leader, whose name means “the one who yawns.”

Hiawatha = A great peacemaker and a highly respected spiritual guide

Pocahontas = A Native American woman who converted to Christianity while being held hostage by the English. She married an Englishman named John Rolfe and is the theme of a lot of films, books, and tales.

Pontiac = A war chief from the Pontiac war against the British military occupation in the Great Lakes region.

Red Cloud = One of the bravest and well-known warriors from the Oglala Sioux tribe against the U.S. military

Sacajawea = Accompanied and helped Lewis and Clark during their expedition and introduced them to the culture of the Native American population.

Sequoyah = A silversmith who Invented the Cherokee Syllabary writing system

Sitting Bull = A Lakota medicine man and a holy man who fought against Custer in the battle of Little Bighorn.

Squanto = Member of the Patuxent tribe who saved the Mayflower pilgrims before his tribe was wiped out

Tallchief (Maria) = A famous Native American ballerina

Tecumseh = A Shawnee warrior and Chief who led the 19th-century multi-tribal confederacy

Native American Names for Wolf-like Dogs

Amarog = Wolf (in Inuit)

Apisi = Coyote (in Blackfoot)

Hemene – Wolf (in Nez Perce)

Honi = Wolf (in Arapaho)

Honiahaka = Little wolf (in Cheyenne)

Kiyaya = Howling wolf (in Yakima)

Maheegan = Wolf (in Algonquin)

Maikoh = Wolf (in Navajo)

Maiyun = Wolf (in Cheyenne)

Tikaani = Wolf (in Inuit)

Waya = Wolf (in Cherokee)

Inspirational Native American Names for Rescue Dogs

Aloha = Love, hello, goodbye (in Hawaiian)

Arawak = Spirit (in Tupi)

Dakota = Friend (in Sioux)

Hok’ee = Abandoned (in Navajo)

Nikan = Friend (in Potawatomi)

Takoda = Friend to everyone (in Sioux)

Tiquanna = Adopted son (in Inuit)

Native American Noble Names for Dogs

Akiak = Brave (In Inuit)

Alii = Chief (in Hawaiian)

Awan = Somebody (in Awan)

Bidziil = He who is strong (in Navajo)

Desna = Boss (in Inuit)

Hiamovi = High Chief (in Cheyenne)

Kahuna = Held in high esteem (in Hawaiian)

Micco = Chief (in Seminole)

Yuma = Son of the Chief (in Navajo)

Dog Names based on Native American Words for Colors

Fala = Crow (in Choctaw)

Gomda = Crow (in Kiowa)

Hento = Blue (in Dakota)

Kilchii = Red boy (in Navajo)

Muraco = White moon

Sesi = Snow (in Inuit)

Sioux = Raven or crow (in Kangee)

Skah = White (in Sioux)

Suki = Black (in Algonquin)

Native American Dog Names for Big Dogs

Adoette = Big tree (in Kiowa)

Bly = Tall

Wyome = Large Plain (in Algonquian)

Bidzill = He is strong

Enyeto = Walks like a Bear (in Miwok)

Eyota = Great

Hanska = Tall (in Sioux)

Hiamovi = High Chief (in Cheyenne)

Holata = Alligator (in Seminole)

Ituha = Sturdy Oak

Kai = Willow Tree

Liwanu = Growling Bear (in Miwok)

Machk = Bear (in Algonquian)

Mato = Bear (in Sioux)

Songaa = Strong

Tasunke = Horse (in Dakota)

Dog Names inspired by the Native American culture







Medicine Man


Mukluks (in Boots)






Native American Dog Names inspired by the different tribes







































Walla Walla



Final Words

We have tried to add just about any suitable Native American-based dog name to this long list, so hopefully, you will be able to find the one which describes your dog the best.

You can be pretty sure that your four-legged friend will have a name like no other when you go out to the doggy park, and you will ensure that it is blessed with a name that, according to the folklore of the Native Americans, will bring longevity, strength, and health to it as well.

So, take your time, and make sure you pick the best Native American name for your pet, which both you and your fur baby will love!

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