The Best Red Dog Breeds You Will Want To Bring Home

When you think about red, you immediately think about things that stand out. Why not? It is a color that can establish an impressive first impression. Red is showy, lustrous, and bright and can also set your pup apart from all the rest.

If your favorite color is red, you will be happy to have a puppy in the shade you adore. It only enhances the appealing looks of cuddly, charming, and cute dogs.

From dark crimson and deep brownish red to dark orange and rust, all such colors describe red dog breeds. So, let’s discover some of these eye-catching, gorgeous creatures!

Red Dog Breeds That Can Be Your New Best Friend

1. French Mastiff

The Bordeaux or French Mastiff, as its name suggests, originated in the region of France. Interestingly, the areas the pup belongs to were not described as France back then.

Where the nature of this canine is concerned, it has a gentle soul but appears quite powerful. It will spend a large chunk of the day napping or following you out of attachment. The good news is that the French Mastiff has a relaxed and laid-back temperament, but you can still take it out for a run now and then.

There is no denying that this furry creature is loyal, calm, and a low-maintenance dog. But you may need to keep a couple of drool towels nearby once you bring these red dog breeds home.

2. Cocker Spaniel

Entertaining and lovable, Cocker Spaniel is considered to be one of the most impressive canines among the red dog breeds. You will also be happy to know that it is a popular choice with families, especially those with children. So, you and your little ones are bound to love your new pet.

This four-legged furry friend has a calm demeanor, accompanied by a sensitive scolding. If you scold it over something, be ready to expect some whining and whimpering. Try to be as positive and gentle with a Cocker Spaniel as possible.

3. Dachshund

Dachshunds are often referred to as doxies. They are little furry balls of excitement and joy, and they love to spend time playing. These tail-waggers also tend to set out to look for trouble and, when they are tired, spend ample time napping to recharge.

The good thing about these red dog breeds is that they can be found in two sizes: miniature and a much bigger standard. You often see a Dachshund lounging under the sun or warming your lap. They will also adapt quickly to the lifestyle of your family.

However, remember that this breed has separation anxiety, so keep your furry pup or a loved one close to you.

4. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a foxy-looking red dog breed with a fiery-red color, which sets it apart from all the rest. Lucky for you, these furry pals are perfect for taking Instagram pictures with.

These pups are well-known for being energy balls, neat, and friendly. At times, you will find Shiba Inu being praised for their immaculate self-cleaning routines. Just brush them weekly, and they will enjoy that a lot.

5. Golden Retriever

The name says ‘golden’, but do not let that throw you off. You can find a Golden Retriever in several shades, from deep red to white. If you want a specific color, breeders can breed one for you. However, this can involve many unethical practices and cost you an arm and a leg.

Where their nature is concerned, Golden Retrievers are easygoing and will jump at the chance to be your new best friend for life. They are gentle, silly, and can easily be trained to be the best companion you have ever had.

6. Irish Setter

The Irish Setter has a rich-red colored coat and is famous for being a hunting dog. The best characteristic of these red dog breeds is their enthusiasm for life. You must expect them to bounce off your home’s walls with their energy.

Unsurprisingly, an Irish Setter tends to adapt better to active environments. They simply love being presented with challenges daily. What further makes them excellent companions is that they are quite intelligent.

7. Irish Terrier

At its heart, the Irish Terrier is a hard-working farm dog. They have a lot of energy and vigor, which enables these red dog breeds to carry out their daily tasks. It is the best canine you can find if you can accommodate its active lifestyle or working attitude.

The Irish Terrier is also popular for its gentle nature and affection. It will surely shower you and your family with loads of attention and cuddles whenever you want. In addition, since these furry pets do not tend to play well with strangers, they will protect you from threats!

8. Akita

Akitas are striking and powerful dogs and can be found in many colors, which includes the stunning red fawn. So, if it has been your dream to own an incredible red dog, this canine can help you fulfill your dreams.

9. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

This particular red dog breed is well-known for its stunning appearance and impressive ability to hunt. Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Terriers are also incredible athletes that seem to have an endless amount of energy.

You will often find this canine swimming around, chasing, and bringing back waterfowl. Moreover, they are eager to please and quite brilliant. So, the chances of you having a dull day with these canines are slim.

Remember that these dogs love to go on adventures. Thus, you will have to take them out for regular walks and exercise.

10. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is the most curious and confident of the red dog breeds and is often the star of its show. It prefers it if you treat it like a princess or prince. A Pom will fit right in with you if you love adventures.

This furry canine loves spending its day following its owner around and takes an interest in new experiences. They are sensitive and loving creatures, which means you can get cuddles and love as much as you want.

11. Labrador Retriever

It is the most impressive red dog breed. It is large and an excellent companion, mainly because it loves cuddling. They are pretty active and enjoy taking long walks with loads of adventures.

Where their grooming is concerned, the Labrador Retriever requires a solid brush now and then. They are also sociable and love spending time with the people they love.

12. Poodle

You can bring home either a miniature-sized Poodle or a standard one. But no matter which one you choose to be your best friend, you will get the same amount of love and adoration. These furry creatures are quite keen to make their owners happy.

Poodles are also sharp, which makes training a breeze once you calm their enthusiastic nature. It is no surprise that these pups have a surprising amount of spunk and energy. They are also incredible athletes and can give you a run for your money.

13. Redbone Coonhound

As the name states, the hound in the name of Redbone Coonhound entails that it is a hunting red dog breed. It has a singing voice and a sharp nose, which it uses when assisting in this particular activity.

These four-legged pups are friendly and constantly searching for new and thrilling adventures. They enjoy making new friends now and then. So, they are going to be a pleasant addition to your family.

14. Rhodesian Ridgeback

If you are looking for a pure athlete with a strong will, you do not need to look further than the Rhodesian Ridgeback. It has hound instincts and loves being on its feet. So, once you bring this red dog breed home, be prepared to get daily exercise!

Despite these pups’ confident and strong demeanor, they are pretty gentle and reserved. At times, you will also find them being shy around other canines and strangers.

15. Vizsla

Vizslas is a part of those red dog breeds specially bred for a purpose. In the case of this canine, it was designed to be an excellent companion to its owner and not let them out of sight. It explains why Vizslas do not appreciate being left alone. It is up to you to ensure that this pup is in constant contact with a human it loves.

Another great feature of these canines is that they are quite agile and excel in agility, obedience, and sports. They are eager to please the humans they love and shower them with cuddles. In addition, Vizslas enjoy running around to channel all the energy that they have.

16. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are famous for their athleticism, but they have numerous qualities that can make them new best friends to you. These four-legged tail waggers have a loving and friendly nature, which means they adore being affectionate to children too.

An interesting feature of this furry pet is its coat, which comes in many colors. In addition, its undercoat is weather-resistant, making it easy for the Australian Shepherd to adapt to various environments.

17. American English Coonhound

This particular furry canine also belongs to the long list of hunting dog breeds. It is a descendant of the Foxhound and has soft medium-length fur. It is also quite active due to its high level of endurance.

These hunting dogs are also well-known for being intelligent, which makes training easy. They enjoy going out and socializing with other dogs, so be prepared to have numerous friends over.

Where its nature is concerned, the American English Coonhound is incredibly gentle with the people it loves. But to keep it healthy and happy, you must take it for walks daily.

18. Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel will steal your heart from the moment you look at it, for it is nothing short of an adorable furball. They are intelligent, friendly, and appreciated for their loyalty.

You can count on this canine to be playful and have a wonderful time outdoors and indoors with you and your family. They also enjoy getting tons of exercise. Moreover, the amount of time you spend with these pups is up to you since they crave attention from their owners.

Bringing Home A Red Dog Breed

By now, you should know quite a bit about red dog breeds and the best canines you can bring home. The distinct coat color of these pups sets them apart from the rest and makes them the center of attention. If you want something, be sure to snag yourself a good one!

But keep in mind, do not let the color of the coat distract you from the real reason you want to bring home a four-legged tail-wagger. You need a best friend who suits your lifestyle and cuddling needs. Good luck!

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