Is Sawdust Safe for Dogs

Most people use sawdust in their dog’s cages because of its absorbent properties. The danger in this, however, is that your dog can accidentally eat the sawdust. Dogs can also come across sawdust in other places and might be tempted to take a bite. What should you do if your dog ate sawdust? Is it safe for them?

Is Sawdust Dangerous to Dogs?

Although sawdust is not fatal for dogs, it is better not to let your pup ingest it. That is because some of the wood that sawdust comes from can be from trees that are toxic to dogs. These include:

  • China Berry Tree
  • Cherry
  • Cedar
  • Red Maple
  • Yew
  • Oak
  • Juniper
  • Pines
  • Redwood

You must confirm that the sawdust your dog ate is not from one of these trees. Eating sawdust from one of them could lead to poisoning, which risks your dog’s life.

Whether your dog gets poisoned could also depend on the amount of sawdust they ate. If the dog ate only a small amount, it might be okay. However, the dog might become sick if it ate a large portion.

Another danger of sawdust is that it may cause intestinal blockage. Because it soaks up liquid, the sawdust in your dog’s stomach can soak up all the liquids in its stomach. It could also draw water from their intestines if they ate too much.

The liquid makes the sawdust bond, creating a large blockage in the intestines. Intestinal blockages are life-threatening for dogs and call for quick medical intervention to prevent them from ending your furry friend’s life.

A blocked intestine is also very painful and will put your dog in great discomfort. It can also hurt your dog on its way out, causing them to bleed from the inside.

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In cases where the sawdust is not refined, its sharp points and bristles can pierce your dog’s mouth and stomach. Ensure you do not leave your pup anywhere with unrefined sawdust to avoid risking their life.

Some manufacturers include saw dust in dogs’ food. The sawdust used is carefully chosen, but that does not mean it is safe for your dog. Avoid such kinds of food.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Sawdust

It would help if you first determined the tree the sawdust came from. This is important to establish whether the tree is poisonous. Secondly, it can help the vet determine the best course of treatment.

You should also observe your pup’s reactions to the whole thing and let the vet know. They might request you monitor your dog at home if there are no symptoms. If the dog ate a lot of sawdust, your vet might require you to take them in. The vet may perform a physical exam, lab tests, and x-rays to determine if there are any blockages. If your dog has a blockage, it might need surgery to ensure the sawdust doesn’t cause more harm on its way out.

Take quick action after discovering your furry friend ate sawdust, as it could be what saves their life. Delaying to seek treatment only puts your dog in further harm; seeking treatment as soon as possible improves their chances of making a full recovery.

Final Thoughts

Sawdust is unsafe for dogs, and you should limit your dog’s exposure to it. Consider lining their cage with newspapers or something more fitting if you need to. You should also ensure they do not accidentally eat sawdust when outside. If they do, contact the veterinarian immediately to get medical assistance or advice.

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