The Best Chicken Breeds in the Philippines

If you’re thinking of raising chickens in the Philippines, you’ll want to know about the best breeds.

Look no further! This article will provide you with all the information you need.

From the hardy Philippine Native Chicken to the Rhode Island Red, Sussex, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced poultry farmer, these top breeds will surely meet your needs.

So, let’s dive in and discover the best chicken breeds in the Philippines!

Philippine Native Chicken

If you’re looking for a chicken breed that’s well-adapted to the Philippines, you can’t go wrong with the Philippine Native Chicken. This breed, also known as the ‘Darag’ or ‘Banaba’ chicken, is a local favorite for its resilience, versatility, and distinct flavor. The Philippine Native Chicken is perfectly suited to the country’s tropical climate, making it highly adaptable and resistant to common poultry diseases.

One of the key advantages of the Philippine Native Chicken is its ability to thrive in different environments. Whether you’re in the humid lowlands or the cooler highlands, this breed can withstand the varying temperatures and weather conditions. It also possesses excellent foraging skills, which allows it to find its own food and reduce feed costs.

In terms of taste, the Philippine Native Chicken is highly sought after for its unique flavor. The meat is lean, firm, and full of natural juices, making it perfect for a range of local dishes. It’s often praised for its succulence, tenderness, and rich flavor profile.

Furthermore, the Philippine Native Chicken is known for its ability to lay eggs consistently. While it may not produce as many eggs as commercial breeds, it compensates with the quality of its eggs. These eggs have thick shells and bright yolks, making them a preferred choice for culinary enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is a popular chicken breed in the Philippines, known for its versatility and productivity. This breed originated in the United States and quickly gained popularity worldwide due to its exceptional egg-laying capabilities and robust nature.

The Rhode Island Red is a medium to large-sized bird with deep, reddish-brown plumage. They are known for their strong and muscular build, making them excellent foragers and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Their calm and friendly temperament also makes them suitable for backyard flocks.

One of the main reasons why the Rhode Island Red is highly favored by Filipino chicken farmers is its exceptional egg production. On average, a single hen can lay up to 200-300 large brown eggs per year. This breed also starts laying at an early age, usually around 5-6 months.

To give you a better understanding of the Rhode Island Red, here is a table summarizing its key characteristics:

Characteristics Description
Size Medium to large
Plumage Color Deep reddish-brown
Egg Production 200-300 large brown eggs per year


When considering another chicken breed for your backyard flock in the Philippines, a popular choice that complements the Rhode Island Red is the Sussex.

Sussex chickens are known for their exceptional qualities, making them a worthwhile addition to your flock. The Sussex chicken breed originated in England and is well-suited for both meat and egg production. They’re large, robust birds with a friendly temperament, making them easy to handle and interact with. Sussex chickens have a distinctive plump body with a deep breast, making them excellent meat producers. They also lay a good number of large brown eggs, making them a dual-purpose breed.

One of the notable features of Sussex chickens is their excellent foraging ability. They’re natural foragers and can find a significant portion of their food by scratching and pecking in the backyard. This not only reduces the cost of feed but also ensures that they’ve a varied and healthy diet.

In terms of appearance, Sussex chickens come in various colors, including white, speckled, and red. The speckled Sussex is the most popular variety, known for its attractive black and white speckled feathers. These chickens have a beautiful and distinctive appearance that adds aesthetic value to your flock.

Plymouth Rock

As you continue exploring the best chicken breeds in the Philippines, let’s now delve into the qualities of the Plymouth Rock, which complements the Sussex breed in your backyard flock.

The Plymouth Rock, also known as the Barred Rock, is a popular dual-purpose breed that originated in the United States. This breed is known for its versatility and adaptability, making it an excellent choice for both meat and egg production.

The Plymouth Rock has a distinctive appearance with its black and white striped feathers. It has a broad and well-rounded body, making it ideal for meat production. The hens are also prolific layers, producing around 200-280 brown eggs per year. This breed is known for its calm and docile temperament, which makes it easy to handle and suitable for families with children.

In terms of care, the Plymouth Rock is relatively low-maintenance. They’re hardy and can adapt to different climates, including the tropical climate of the Philippines. They’re also good foragers, which means they can find a substantial part of their diet by themselves, reducing your feed expenses.


Now let’s explore the Leghorn breed, a high-producing chicken that complements the versatility of the Plymouth Rock in your backyard flock. Leghorns are known for their excellent egg-laying abilities, making them a popular choice for egg production. These chickens are small to medium in size, with a slender build and upright carriage. They have a single comb, wattles, and earlobes that are usually white in color. Leghorns come in various colors, including white, brown, and black.

To help you understand the characteristics and benefits of the Leghorn breed better, here is a table that highlights some key features:

Characteristic Description
Egg Production Excellent; Leghorns can lay up to 300-320 large white eggs per year.
Size Small to medium-sized chickens, weighing around 4-5 pounds.
Temperament Active and alert; they tend to be more flighty and independent compared to other breeds.
Adaptability Well-suited for both free-range and confinement systems.

Leghorns are highly efficient in converting feed into eggs, which makes them an ideal choice for commercial egg production. Additionally, their ability to thrive in various environments and their independent nature make them suitable for backyard flocks. With their high productivity and attractive appearance, Leghorns are a valuable addition to any chicken owner’s flock.


Moving on to the next breed, let’s take a look at the Brahma, an impressive chicken known for its large size and gentle temperament. The Brahma is one of the largest chicken breeds in the world, with roosters reaching up to 9.5 pounds and hens weighing around 8 pounds. They’ve a striking appearance, with feathers that come in various colors such as light, dark, and buff. One of their most distinctive features is their feathered legs and feet, which add to their unique charm.

Aside from their impressive size, Brahmas are also known for their docile and friendly nature. They’re calm and gentle birds, making them a great addition to any backyard flock. Brahmas are excellent for beginners or families with young children, as they’re known to be quite tolerant and easy to handle.

In terms of egg production, Brahmas aren’t the most prolific layers. They generally lay around 150-200 brown eggs per year, which is decent but not exceptional. However, their large size makes them an excellent choice for meat production. The meat of Brahmas is flavorful and tender, making it highly sought after in the culinary world.


The Silkie is a unique chicken breed in the Philippines known for its fluffy feathers and friendly disposition. This breed is easily distinguishable by its soft, silky plumage, which feels almost like fur to the touch. The feathers lack barbicels, the tiny hooks that typically hold feathers together, giving the Silkie a distinct appearance. These chickens have a small, rounded body with short legs and a broad, round head. One of the most notable features of the Silkie is its five toes, whereas most chicken breeds have only four.

Silkies are known for their calm and gentle nature, making them excellent pets and popular among children. They’re also known to be very broody and make great mothers. The hens are known to be excellent egg layers, producing small to medium-sized eggs with a cream or light brown shell. While their laying capacity may be lower compared to other commercial breeds, their unique appearance and friendly temperament make up for it.

In addition to their friendly disposition, Silkies are also valued for their meat. The meat of the Silkie is considered a delicacy in many Asian cuisines due to its tender texture and rich flavor. The meat is often used in soups and stews, as well as in traditional Chinese medicine for its believed health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose the Best Chicken Breed for Meat Production?

To choose the best chicken breed for meat production, consider factors like growth rate, feed conversion, and meat quality. Look for breeds known for their rapid growth, efficient feed conversion, and tender, flavorful meat.

What Are the Ideal Conditions for Raising Rhode Island Red Chickens in the Philippines?

To raise Rhode Island Red chickens in the Philippines, you need to provide them with proper shelter, clean water, nutritious feed, and a suitable temperature range. They thrive in a moderate climate and can adapt well to different environments.

Can Sussex Chickens Adapt Well to Hot and Humid Climates in the Philippines?

Yes, Sussex chickens can adapt well to hot and humid climates in the Philippines. They have a strong tolerance for heat and are known for being hardy birds that can thrive in various environments.

What Are the Unique Characteristics of Plymouth Rock Chickens That Make Them Popular in the Philippines?

Plymouth Rock chickens are popular in the Philippines because of their unique characteristics. They are known for being dual-purpose birds, meaning they are good for both meat and egg production. Their calm and friendly temperament also makes them easy to handle.

Are Leghorn Chickens Suitable for Backyard Farming in Urban Areas of the Philippines?

Leghorn chickens are not suitable for backyard farming in urban areas of the Philippines due to their high energy levels and tendency to be noisy. Consider other breeds that are more adaptable to small spaces and quieter.


In conclusion, the Philippines offers a variety of chicken breeds that are well-suited for different purposes.

The Philippine Native Chicken is a popular choice for its adaptability and resilience.

For those seeking excellent egg production, the Rhode Island Red and Leghorn breeds are highly recommended.

Sussex and Plymouth Rock are known for their meat quality, while Brahma chickens are admired for their size and strength.

Lastly, the Silkie breed stands out for its unique appearance and gentle nature.

With such diverse options, chicken enthusiasts in the Philippines have a range of excellent breeds to choose from.

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