Treats For Dogs With Kidney Disease

A kidney disease diagnosis for your dog is not good news for any dog parent. But in most cases, with a proper diet, medication, and lifestyle changes, your pet can still lead a long and happy life.

There are some essential dietary adjustments that need to be made if your pup is diagnosed with kidney disease. Some commercial prescription dog foods are formulated especially for canines with kidney disease.

You can, of course, cook your own homemade dog food by following your veterinarian’s instructions.

The idea is to feed the pup with high quality, low protein, and low phosphorus foods, which will not overburden the kidneys.

But what about treats for dogs with kidney disease?

Luckily, various treats are suitable for pups with such problems. So just because your furry companion is having medical issues doesn’t mean it cannot enjoy some delicious and healthy treats too!

What Are The Best Ingredients And Foods For Dogs With Kidney Disease?

The three key ingredients which you should avoid or monitor closely when shopping for or preparing homemade dog treats for kidney disease are protein, phosphorus, and sodium.

Suppose you are buying prescription or specialized kidney disease dog food and treats. In that case, these ingredients are already under control, as the food is formulated especially to be easy on the dog’s kidneys.

When starting your dog on a kidney disease diet, you should stick to the specialized therapeutic dog food until it has completed the transition to the new diet. Then you can start thinking about adding treats and other suitable snacks.

Your veterinarian or animal nutritionist will give you guidelines about the recommended calorie intake, how to introduce new treats, and which ones are suitable for your pup, as well as which ones are not.

What Are Some Healthy Human Foods Suitable For Dogs With Kidney Disease?

If your veterinarian gives you the thumbs up, you can use some veggies and fruits as healthy treats for your pup. Or use them to prepare homemade food and snacks for it.

Some of the plant-based foods which are suitable for your furbaby’s new low-protein diet include:

  • Carrots
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Bananas

Always speak to your vet about the right foods for your pup, which ingredients to avoid, and which ones to add. Your vet may recommend adding special supplements to your dog’s diet to help make it more balanced even with the limited protein, phosphorus, and sodium.

Remember that your dog needs to drink a lot of water in order to help stimulate the kidneys to work. So you should provide it with more fresh water or switch to canned dog food.

Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, too, are good for dogs suffering from kidney disease.

The Best Treats For Dogs With Kidney Disease

The most suitable treats for dogs with kidney issues are lower in protein than regular dog treats. Most of them are formulated with added omega-3 fatty acids and less phosphorous and sodium.

As always, you should consult your pup’s veterinarian before adding new treats and foods to its diet, especially if it has been diagnosed with kidney disease.

Here are some of the top-rated treats suitable for pups with kidney issues.

Zesty Paws Cranberry Bladder Bites Chicken Flavored Soft Chews Urinary Supplement for Dogs

Zesty Paws Cranberry Bladder Bites Chicken Flavored Soft Chews Urinary Supplement for Dogs

  • Treat form: Soft chew supplement
  • Lifestage: all life stages
  • Crude protein: 0%
  • Ingredients: Cran-Max cranberry, organic marshmallow root, organic astragalus, D-Manose, Nettle seed, organic licorice

While they are more of a kidney function and urinary support supplement than treats, the Zesty Paws Cranberry Bites are still delicious and suitable snacks for your furbaby.

The soft chew supplements help boost the immune system of the pup, as well as provide kidney function and UT support for dogs with kidney issues.

The main ingredients are cranberries which help improve kidney and urinary function in canines and humans. Each chicken-flavored chewy treat contains 200mg of the special Cran-Max cranberry concentrate.

The other added natural ingredients help improve the detoxification of the kidneys. And promote the normal urinary tract function of the dog.

This product is GMP certified, FDA registered and is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support GOLD Bacon Flavored Liquid Kidney Supplement for Dogs & Cats

PET WELLBEING Kidney Support GOLD Bacon Flavored Liquid-Kidney Supplement for Dogs

  • Treat form: liquid drops supplement
  • Lifestage: all life stages
  • Crude protein: 0%
  • Ingredients: Rehmannia Root proprietary blend, cultivated cordyceps mycelium, astragalus root, dong Quai root

If your pup is a picky eater, you can try this bacon-flavored supplement. It is in liquid form so that you can add the recommended amount of drops directly to your dog’s favorite food.

The supplement is created to help resolve kidney problems, such as increased thirst, abnormal urination, lowered energy and appetite, and more.

It is made of all-natural and organic herbs, and a single 2-oz bottle of this supplement is enough for a one-month supply for a small or medium-sized pup.

This Pet Wellbeing product is also recommended as a supplement that can help improve and prolong the life of your senior dog or cat and prevent kidney issues. It can help support the normal creatinine and blood urea levels, help your pet maintain a healthy weight and appetite, hydrate it, and fight off various viruses and bacterial infections.

The supplement is made in GMP-certified facilities in the USA and Canada, and each batch is tested thoroughly.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Soft Baked Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, 12-oz bag

HILL'S PRESCRIPTION DIET Soft Baked Soft Chewy Dog Treats

  • Treat form: Soft chew
  • Lifestage: adult dogs
  • Crude protein: 9.0% min.
  • Ingredients: chicken, potatoes, wheat flour, glycerine, cane molasses, yellow peas, chicken fat, dried beet pulp, fish oil, gelatin, lactic acid, flaxseed, L-carnitine, and more

If you are looking for veterinarian-recommended treats for dogs with kidney disease, these soft and chewy ones are one of the best options.

The Hill’s Prescription Diet treats are made specifically for adult or senior pups with kidney problems but will also help support their heart and joint health, thanks to the added omega-3 fatty acids.

Like all other foods and treats from this brand, they are formulated based on scientific research.

You can give them to your furbaby as an addition to the prescription dog food of the same brand or with your pup’s other regular food.

With potatoes and chicken as their main ingredients, these treats are delicious. Still, they are also caloric (35 calories per one) so make sure to portion them wisely according to your pet’s weight, diet, and the recommendations of your veterinarian.

JustFoodForDogs Veterinary Diet Renal Support Low Protein Frozen Human-Grade Fresh Dog Food

JUSTFOODFORDOGS Veterinary Diet Renal Support Low Protein Dog Food

  • Treat form: frozen topping, human grade
  • Lifestage: adult dogs
  • Crude protein: 4% min.
  • Ingredients: lamb, rice, carrots, cauliflower, brown rice, lamb liver, spinach, safflower oil, blueberries, and more.

If you are looking for a complete and balanced menu for your furry companion who suffers from kidney problems, then this frozen fresh dog food by JustFoodFor Dogs is a perfect choice.

It is a veterinary-approved diet for renal support for canines and is made of all-natural ingredients, all of which are human-grade.

Some of the main ingredients of this healthy fresh food include ground lamb, long-grain brown and white rice, carrots, cauliflower, blueberries, and spinach.

All ingredients are carefully portioned to provide your pup with the best-balanced food and to support its kidney health. It has limited proteins but provides the healthy omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and vitamin B your pet needs.

This top-quality frozen fresh dog food has no preservatives, artificial additives, fillers, or growth hormones. Each batch is prepared via light cooking and in open kitchens with human-grade ingredients.

It can be preserved in the freezer for up to one year, and each portion can last for days in the refrigerator.

Active Chews Cranberry Urinary Health Dog Supplement, 120 count

ACTIVE CHEWS Cranberry Urinary Health Dog Supplement

  • Treat form: soft chew supplement
  • Lifestage: all life stages
  • Crude protein: 0%
  • Ingredients: cranberries, organic marshmallow root, apple cider vinegar, and uva ursi leaf

This high-quality supplement relieves urinary tract problems and provides kidney care and immune system support.

The chews can help improve and prevent gastrointestinal issues like gas, discomfort, and bloating in canines.

Each of the 120 soft chews is made of cranberries and other natural ingredients known to help with kidney disease.

Your pup will enjoy eating them as they are soft in texture and have a natural turkey flavor.

SquarePants VFS Canine Low Phosphorus Formula, Low Protein, Low Sodium

  • Treat form: kibble
  • Lifestage: adult dogs
  • Crude protein: 14% min.
  • Ingredients: brown rice, whole eggs, cage-free turkey, turkey fat, white rice, tapioca, sweet potato, salmon oil, and more.

This dry dog food is a top-rated choice for pups with kidney and urinary tract issues. The food is made of cage-free turkey, eggs, brown and white rice, and other real healthy ingredients.

It is designed and made with a lower protein, sodium, and phosphorus content which is essential for dogs suffering from kidney disease.

The kibble is made in the USA and contains many essential vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, and prebiotics to keep your furry companion healthy and well.

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