Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

Dogs enjoy eating different things. This behavior in canines is natural as they are scavengers in nature. However, it can be annoying, especially when they eat disgusting things such as cat poop.

If you keep a feline in your home, you might find it visiting the litter box to snack. But why?

Reasons for Eating Cat Poop

Several reasons can lead to a dog eating cat poop. They include:

Nutritional Deficiencies

Your furry friend is designed to know what nutrient to seek when it is deficient in their body. While cats have excellent digestive systems, not all of the food they consume is digested and absorbed. Some nutrients will be excreted in their feces; the stool will contain nutrients such as fat, essential vitamins, and protein.

A dog can supplement the lack of minerals in its body by eating poop. The main reason dogs choose to obtain nutrients in this manner is due to low-quality canine diets. Other than the quality of food a dog is eating, an underlying health condition can lead them to seek a specific nutrient.


Dogs are naturally curious and may eat things they are not supposed to, especially puppies who love to eat anything.

Due to such exploratory behaviors, you might see your pooch eat cat feces.

Though this behavior has minimal adverse health effects, your dog may not always be lucky as cat feces may contain parasites that can harm them.


Some dogs are attracted to the taste of cat feces. Commercial cat foods contain high amounts of proteins and flavor, which in most cases are transferred to their feces. Your dog can find the smell and taste pleasing, causing them to take a bite.


Most dog breeds must be occupied and regularly entertained to avoid getting bored easily. Left unattended, dogs can do disgusting and hard-to-understand things, such as going to a cat’s litter box and eating the poop.

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Cat Poop

While dogs may have several reasons to eat cat poop, it is essential to keep them away from it to protect your sanity and their health.

Some of the ways include:

1. Cleaning the Litter Box

One of the most efficient ways to prevent your dog from eating cat poop is by always ensuring your feline’s litter box is clean. With a clean litter box, your dog will not have a reason to go near it or get a chance to eat any waste in there.

If cleaning a cat’s litter box is time-consuming, you can opt for a self-cleaning brand.

2. Providing Sufficient Nutrition for Your Dog

One of the main reasons dogs get attracted to cat poop is to supplement the nutrients they lack from their meals. If you notice your dog has developed a behavior of eating cat poop, changing its diet to healthier foods might stop it.

3. Keeping Them Busy

A dog eating cat poop can be out of sheer curiosity. Keeping your dog occupied or entertained can assist in keeping them away from the litter box. Provide your dog with toys and multiple games that will have them occupied endlessly.

4. Training Your Dog to ‘Leave It’

Address the problem when you see your dog eating cat poop with a commanding voice, ordering them to stop. You can opt to give them a treat when the command is obeyed. This will train your dog to avoid eating cat feces and know there is a reward for obedience.

Final Thoughts

It can be a disgusting sight to see your dog eat cat poop; regardless, most dogs eat cat poop at least once in their lifetime. This can expose your dog to different parasites as cat feces carries different pathogens. It will be best for your dog if you prevent it from having to eat cat poop again.

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