Why Do Dogs Follow You to The Bathroom

Have you noticed that your four-legged companion is continuously by your side, even when you go to the bathroom, shower, or brush your teeth?

While this type of behavior may be cute and touching for some dog owners, having your pup follow you around everywhere can become annoying and can be a tripping hazard as well.

If you are wondering why dogs follow you to the bathroom and what you can do to curb this behavior, read on.

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Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom

The most likely reason why your dog is with you literally everywhere is that it falls into the category of so-called “Velcro dogs.”

As the name suggests, this type of dog is always stuck to its owner. The reason for this behavior can be a natural instinct of the canine to stick to its pack in order to stay safe. It can also be caused by the positive reinforcement you are providing to your pet, which can cause it to stay close to you at all times, expecting a treat or other positive reinforcement.

Some dog trainers and experts claim that a dog may keep following you to the bathroom out of sheer curiosity and to keep you protected.

If you are experiencing the “Velcro dog” problem with a new puppy or a dog that has just been added to your household, this issue may be due to the lack of proper socialization.

Young puppies may actually start thinking of you and acting as if you are their parent figure when they are still young.

Rescue older dogs may also adopt this behavior because of the newly developed trust and love for their savior.

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On the other hand, the reason behind this type of behavior by your dog may be a sign that your furry friend is suffering from distress or anxiety. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which dog owners find difficult to cope with and makes leading a regular life a much more complicated task.

Thankfully, there are ways to treat and reverse separation anxiety in dogs with the help of special calming collars, medication, toys and games, training, and others.

Keep in mind that your dog may be among the dog breeds which are known to be “Velcro dogs.”
Breeds like cattle dogs, border collies, and shepherds have herding instincts and are more likely to try to herd the family and keep everybody together.

Boxers and Doberman pinschers also prefer to stay close to their owners in order to keep them protected at all times.

Sporting breeds like pointers and Labrador retrievers also tend to stay close to their favorite person as much as possible.

But the reasons why your dog is always by your side do not need to be so complicated. Your dog may simply be seeking companionship since canines are pack animals and have always naturally lived in close-knit packs and groups.

So, your dog may consider you as its closest friend and companion and see you are the sole source of the best things in the life of any pup – safety, food, attention, and affection.

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