Why Do Dogs Like Bones?

Taking care of a dog is tricky. One moment you need to cut its nails, and the next, you are tussling with it to remove unwanted foods in its mouth. Yet, one of the things you will likely witness is how much dogs love bones. The love that dogs and bones share remains unrivaled!

Bones are safe and healthy for your dog, particularly when consumed raw. These raw bones are considered healthy and full of nutrients, including phosphorous and calcium. Besides, they are less likely to splinter.

You must consider specific bones, preferably beef, turkey, lamb, and oxtail. They are strong and less likely to splinter, minimizing the risks of mouth injuries.

Dogs love bones for various reasons, including the following.

Fun and Mental Simulation

Boredom, anxiety, mental exhaustion, and stress will likely inspire your dog to chew bones. Chewing bones will enhance endorphin production, which is essential in improving moods, relieving pain, and minimizing stress.

Bones contain bioavailable magnesium, a mineral that supports stress in dogs. As the dog chews the bone, this mineral will help it relax and become calmer. It also encourages endocrine balance while dealing with behavioral issues.

Further, dogs can use bones as toys to help them pass the time. They will chew these bones playfully, creating fun for themselves. Killing boredom will help cushion your dog against various emotional health issues in the long run.

You can also use bones to enhance trainability, memory, focus, and concentration in dogs. This activity gives the dog excellent self-control, guaranteeing calmness and emotional stability. These attributes make bone chewing an ideal solution for dogs with aggression issues.

Excellent Dental Health

Chewing bones helps dogs clean their teeth. The chewing motion dislodges food particles between the teeth and gums, preventing plaque buildup. Minimizing plaque buildup helps protect your dog against tooth decay.

At the same time, raw bones are rich in minerals, including phosphorous and calcium. These minerals help strengthen bones and teeth, ensuring that your dog has excellent dental hygiene.


Delicious and Nutrient-Rich

Raw bones are an excellent source of nutrients for your pet. They contain minerals, protein-containing amino acids, fatty acids, soluble vitamins, and blood-forming nutrients.

Blood-forming nutrients are found in the bone marrow, including copper and iron. These minerals facilitate the distribution of oxygenated blood in the body. They also ensure that different enzymes function accordingly in the body and that cells produce enough energy. Further, this bone marrow has delicious and healthy fats that the dog shall enjoy.

The fat-soluble vitamins in raw bones include vitamins D, E, and A. These nutrients reduce the buildup of calcium in the body, lower the risk of heart diseases, and enhance bone health in dogs. You can also rely on these vitamins for blood clotting, healthy vision, and an improved immune system.

Further, raw bones guarantee your dog calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Magnesium helps maintain muscle function, immune system, heart health, and nervous system. It also regulates blood glucose levels in the body, energy production, and protein synthesis. Calcium is handy in bone and dental health development.

Safe Ways to Give Your Dog Bones

Suppose you want to give your dog a bone. Then, choosing the right bone will be essential, as it helps eliminate the risk of choking and injuries.

First, ensure that the bone is raw and whole. Such a bone assures the dog of all the natural ingredients in it. On the other hand, cooked bones will likely splinter, injuring the mouth and gastrointestinal tract.

You’ll also consider the size of your dog when choosing bones. Small dogs need relatively smaller bones to avoid choking or injuring themselves. Use the best judgment to determine which size fits your dog.

Finely ground raw bones will also be an ideal choice for your dog, as they pose no constipation or choking risk. This choice does not obstruct or injure the gastrointestinal tract, posing no discomfort or health complications.

You could also opt for commercial marrow bones, as they will not splinter in the mouth. Ensure that you refrigerate this bone and discard it once used.


Nothing can be as satisfying as having a healthy, relaxed, playful dog. Investing in raw bones for your pet is a perfect way to achieve enhanced nutritional value and better mental health. As long as you are careful with your selection, you’ll not worry about gastrointestinal injuries.

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