What Are Some Popular Breeds Of Wire-Haired Dogs?

Even though you would not think of wire-haired dogs as being “soft and cuddly” right away, for the most part, these dogs have coats that are smooth and pleasant to the touch rather than rough or gritty.

Most dogs of the wire-haired breeds are hypoallergenic. Although they might not be entirely allergy-proof for allergy sufferers, they typically shed little and don’t produce a lot of dander. Most wire-haired dogs need to have their dead hair hand-stripped to maintain a crisp appearance on their coats. 

Therefore, wire-haired dog breeds are for you if you want a dog that sheds little, is simple to care for, and can take outside. Start with these ten breeds, as one or another may become your new best friend.

Top 10 Widely Known Breeds Of Wire-Haired Dogs

Let’s dive into the top 10 breeds of wire-haired dogs you may want to consider before getting one.

1. German Wire-Haired Pointer

These puppies with expressive facial hair are well-known dogs with beards. These hunting-bred bird dogs have harsh, wiry coat that keeps them dry, making them ideal for the next prey in ponds or thorny shrubs. 

Although hunters still prefer them, these playful dogs also make excellent household pets, especially if there are lively children or people around for them to play with. 

Just be careful not to leave them alone for too long or allow them to become bored, as this might cause all of their energy to be directed toward ruining the sofa or the yard. German wire-haired pointers only require a weekly brushing because they shed quite a bit otherwise.

2. Wire-Haired Dachshund

One of the smallest dog breeds known for pet ownership is the tiny-legged, long-bodied Dachshund. But their enormous personalities make up for it. The rough, short coat of wire-haired dachshunds is straightforward to maintain and groom. 

They are loyal, brave, and talkative and have no qualms about telling you what’s on their minds. However, the Dachshund’s extended back and small legs could lead to specific health issues. It’s crucial to prevent jumping and to lift your dog cautiously and softly.

3. Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers not only look good but also have beautiful personalities. They are canines with a dense, fluffy undercoat and a wiry topcoat. Their thick coats protect them from frigid weather and searing brushes when they hunt for foxes and rodents.

Although they are lacking in height, they are very speedy and agile, which makes them one of the best hunting partners. 

Additionally, it would be best if you regularly brush your Scottish Terrier. Brushing will remove the loose and shedding undercoat. Additionally, it’s essential for eliminating any errant topcoat hairs.

4. Wire Haired Vizsla

Although closely related to the Vizsla breed, the wire-haired Vizsla is still a different breed. The coat of both species is what sets them apart. 

The wire-haired Vizsla has a wiry coat in contrast to the smooth-coated Vizsla. This breed was developed in Hungary to have more insulating skin and be waterproof for hunting. 

Loving, devoted, and eager to please are the top qualities of wire-haired Vizsla. They need to stay active as they are usually known for their exquisite hunting capabilities, which gives them a lot of energy. They may destroy if they become very bored.

5. Wire-Haired Fox Terrier

Another terrier on the list is the Wire Fox Terrier. The coat of this little dog breed has a rough feel and is thick to shield them from cold. The hair on the top layer of skin is wiry and inflexible, twisted rather than curled.

The most notable quality of this wire-haired breed is its outgoing disposition. Due to their intellectual and courageous characteristics, they make ideal companions. They are lively and have a high prey drive, so pet parents may anticipate these traits.

6. Jack Russell Terrier

Another wire-haired dog breed is the Jack Russell Terrier. However, some of these dogs have smooth coats rather than rough ones! 

Despite being little dogs, Jack Russells are adamant and resilient. Beware, they are incredibly energetic. These dogs can go on adventures all day long, frequently leaving you in their wake. 

These little pups require a lot of activity, regular, strict training, and socialization. But if you’re able to train these dogs, you’ll be pleased to see how quickly the Jack Russell picks up tricks, competes in agility, and more!

7. Irish Wolfhound

The modern Irish wolfhounds were initially known for being fierce hunters and battle dogs. It is the tallest dog breed that puts its paws on its human friends’ shoulders while gazing into their eyes. 

They need frequent trimming and stripping due to their wiry coats, which also require weekly brushing. In addition, they need sufficient space, frequent walks, and a safe space to play.

They require socialization from a young age to learn how to get along with smaller dogs and cats.

8. Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a good option if you want a small dog with a wiry coat. The rough texture of this dog’s coat is one of its distinctive features. 

The Brussels Griffon is remarkably energetic for such a tiny dog. They are also capable of making noise. That is because of how vigilant and watchful they are in general. Therefore, ensure they have plenty of opportunities to play and expend energy. 

The Brussels Griffon sheds only a little. They will require grooming, but not as frequently as you may think.

9. Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher has a face that is frequently compared to a monkey, giving it a rather peculiar appearance for a little dog. Usually, they are very light in weight.

Affenpinschers are wire-haired dogs with almost all black coats. This adorable dog is intelligent, obedient, and devoted to its owners. However, they exhibit a lot of that well-known terrier attitude. So, prepare for a strong watchdog instinct and a high prey drive.

10. Otterhound

Compared to most of the breeds we have listed here, the otterhound is much rarer. The creation of the Airedale Terrier by breeders is an intriguing fact. 

Otterhounds have a few peculiar traits. For instance, their walk is strange. Some individuals resemble it to shuffling. The Otterhound has a double coat of silky undercoat and a water-resistant topcoat. 

The length of this dog’s coat can reach two to six inches. Some Otterhound owners note that their pets’ coats are greasy to the touch. Also, this breed sheds more than some other wiry-coated dog breeds, so be careful.

Summing It All

Wire-haired dog breeds are distinguished by their short or long, coarse, rough, and bristly texture. Their coats shield them from harm and harsh weather conditions. Even though their coats do not overgrow, they require some upkeep to keep them looking neat and cute.

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